Love sucks, right?

Ok I dont know if its just me ama love sucks. I would love to meet someone who will mean the world to me and actually mean the world to me 20+ years later. I will tell you my woes as I pursue this and you can tell me where I go wrong. I hope as I put my thoughts on ‘paper’ answers will start rolling in.

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8 Responses to Love sucks, right?

  1. Karibu to the blogsphere! Hope you join the Kenyan Weblog Ring.

    Not sure whether I can help you find love; I have one brother and he is taken 🙂

  2. Farmgal says:

    Thanks mama J you are the first to comment! wao I have been reading your blog though. Tell me do you have any other brathas.

    Am tring to learn how to weka the webring as a link on this so email if you can help.

    Thanks again

  3. Ms K says:

    Hey Farmgal! Welcome and please definitely join the Kenyan Blog Ring. Holla at

    I don’t think love sucks. Love is still the greatest force in the world. At least I think so. I think people who take love for granted or who lie about love, suck big time!!

    Can’t wait to read more from you!!

    And thanks for stopping by my space!!

  4. akiey says:

    Ok, Farmgal, I at times use very weird analogies so plz bear with me:)
    Love & relationships operate along similar principles as most gangs do: “Blood in, Blood out”, meaning you get out of it what you put into it. That’s how I see it anyway:)

    You put in 20%, expect no more than 20%, you get 20% give no more than 20%. 100% both ways is the ideal which takes work.
    If both parties hit the 100% mark then it’s smooth sailing. Best wishes in your love search:))

  5. Shiroh says:

    i realized why we don’t get people to love us is becoz first and foremost we don’t love ourselves
    be true to yourself and love follows
    give and thou shall receive
    don’t love people who only like you try not you will always end up to say hurt.
    dedicate yourself to those who dedicate themselves to you
    good luck

  6. Farmgal says:

    @akiey ..I agree with you a hundred %. What do you do when you love someone, you give them 100% and they dont do the same. Remember you love this whoever so much you dont want to let go!

    This post is open so anyone can comment whenever.

  7. Guessaurus says:

    Farmgal, I know it a bit late to comment, but hey. Love doesnt suck. Its us who do.

    In my case I found that because my childhood sweetheart hurt me, I couldnt give myself fully to anyone. And because of that my self-esteem with men was low, so I would go for a man who was emotionally unavailable, like me, thereby getting hurt again, or finding no satisfaction whatsoever in the relationship – sometimes including sex, bad sex is unforgivable.

    But when I admitted that to myself and made a pact with myself that i will not date anyone just to have a man, and waited, I got my man – whom I had already lost before because we were both playing the “I cant commit coz I dont want to get hurt” game.

    I hope you find love, we all deserve that. And welcome to blogging.

  8. LifeMoments says:

    If you really thought about it, its not that love sucks its the pple that suck…since if love sucked I doubt whether the very pple that are close to you, your heart and life would matter that much!–>

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