I love a conversation

I am at my mate’s house the other day and we are having a laugh. Jokes are being thrown left, right and centre and the neighbours are complaining. We are louder than the music blaring from the tenje. Its seems like everything thats spoken is a joke. I am having a fab time!

There is this guy sitting there staring at his can of whatever obviously he doesn’t get the jokes.

Wrong! He can’t speak English. I decide to make some conversation and thats how I discover. He can only speak spanish, the sister is across the room and swings over to translate….this is interesting.

Its time to go clubbing but for me it’s time to go home. I am saying my goodbyes amidst protest that I should go clubbing too. As I say bye bye to the spanish speaking fella’s brother in-law, he whispers into my ear that the bratha likes me alot…already!

I drive off wondering if I’d ever date anyone whom a conversation is out of question!

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4 Responses to I love a conversation

  1. Girl…ebu get habla-ing Espanol rápidamente… 🙂

    Though some would say who needs words when you are in love?

  2. bee says:

    love knows no language barrier…

  3. Bless you, my sister. Great conversation is vital.
    Thank you for visiting my website. Much Love. Much Respect.

  4. LifeMoments says:

    I thought love has no barriers or bounderies??????

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