Going to a wedding………

Hey guys am going to a wedding kesho. I know thats one of the best places to hook up with someone or am I wrong?

Imagine all the well dressed people….eeerr men in suits, ties, their best colognes, neat hair cuts & neat bearded faces. It will be unfortunate if most of this men are taken, but there is always one or two single ones (got to have some hope). Did I forget to mention the very important fresh breath! Imagine speaking to someone and you are forced to take in some sort of morning breath and its not morning. Yuk yuk yuk yuk arghh!!!

The worst that could happen is bumping into an x though am sure this won’t happen. Or even worse I could trip and fall…I have new heels you see.

Lets wait for tomorrow though I may need some flirting tips. I will have to come out of my shy shell be bold and try look beautiful!

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4 Responses to Going to a wedding………

  1. Have fun! Take lots of pictures! I hope you hook up 😉

  2. nick says:

    oh yes nothin like meetin a single chick in the wedding…its like a single’s hang joint and with all the love in the air…it works…it did for me last Dec…wait aminute i haven’t called her back..

  3. Avoid short men…that is all I can say. Other than that have fun and come back and tell us how it went.

  4. Ms K says:

    Heh heh MJY, what’s with the hate for short men woiye??

    Gal, eh I could have told yu weddings NOT a good place to meet men. Something about men coming face to face with what their future inevitably holds and and not liking it.

    Oh well, at least you looked fab!

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