The wedding

The weather….

It was perfect for the day, not cold and not too hot. My sleeveless dress and open shoes were perfect for the occasion.

The Nigerian (no offence)

Am older than 27…… how can a man who is actually older than my dad dart me? This guy (old man) helped me park my car and even looked all over the place for me when cops came issuing tickets on wrongly parked motis. A tow truck was even called, but my car was sawa. After I confirmed that my banger was ok, the old mzee turns to me and says he likes my smile and my teeth! I immediately became suspicious. Are you married or seeing anyone was the next query. Ala! mzee is hitting on me and I was missing the kiss the bride moment for zero. I tried to excuse myself in the most polite way avoiding to sound irritated. He insists that I give him my number so he can call me and pay me a visit…..I want to puke!

From the pulpit..

The speaker was just right for the occasion, didn’t speak for more than 30minutes. He was funny too! His opening joke was…. A young boy was returning home from a wedding with his dad…….

Dad: Were you paying attention to what the minister was saying?
Boy: Yes
Dad: How many wives did he say a man should have?
Boy: Sixteen!
Dad: You were not listening young man. Can you tell me when he said that
Boy: When he said 4-better, 4-worse, 4-richer and 4-poorer!

The men…

One of them sent my friend to say that he liked me. Was I supposed to go to him and strike up a conversation? I spent most of my time trying so hard to avoid my eyes meeting the old Nigerian’s so I didn’t have a good look around.

The wedding party looked fabulous by the way and other than the Nigerian trying to get my attention throughout, I had some good fun and made really good friends both male and female.

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4 Responses to The wedding

  1. Sunflower says:

    LOL! In fact LMAO!!!!!!!! Way too funny, I just imagined that scenario, aki some men are just SO mannerless!

  2. M says:

    Looks like there is hunting going on at weddings!

  3. akiey5 says:

    Hey Farmgal, your posts just crack me up. You have the kind of thoughts that would make good material for a situational comedy on Tv. Keep doing your thing, u have a growing following:)

    Btw, just passed by MJY’s site & read ur comment & this line u wrote stuck in my mind, it’s darn quotable:
    “If I say more I could blog in your blog.”

  4. Farmgal says:

    Thanx for stopping by…Ma funs nawapenda wote!

    I am just telling it as it is!

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