Hit on by a teacher

The saga on saturday got me thinking about the inappropriate and appropriate hits I have had in my life.

When I was a third former their was this teacher we had nicknamed Mr Hoots which was derived from his real name. This guy was a family friend and he would bring me stuff from home whenever he visited my mum. I was in boarding school see and I hated the food especially days of cabbage.

As a senior prefect I hung out with teachers alot, which was considered lucky especially when the cute ones were on duty. I remember one Mr M who was such a hunk all the girls were drooling and wishing he would just speak to them.

I was on holiday and Mr Hoots had come to visit, he stayed on for a while then said he had to go visit his cousin not so far from my area code. He asked my mum if she could allow me to go along. We didn’t have a reason to think he had other plans up his sleeve or should I say trouser!

We arrive at the cousin’s house, after introductions they start speaking in their mama’s tongue. Kidogo the cousin leaves, I am thinking jamaa has gone to buy some milk… I was wrong!

The respectable teacher comes close to me and starts to touch me (alarm bells go off in my head and I mean loud ones) I push him back and gather some courage and ask him what the hell he thought he was doing. I have never told anyone about this not even my mum, though I can still remember how scared I was. What if he raped me?

That fool! Does he even know how scared I was?

On the way back home all he did was beg not to tell, he apologised over and over again. I did not promise him anything, I thought if I left him guessing then he would not try it on with any other girl.

I cant remember failing swahili exams after that saga!

I think I should have told!

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5 Responses to Hit on by a teacher

  1. Ms K says:

    Shoulda woulda coulda….

    I’m just glad you didn’t get hurt. Hope he never did it to anyone else.

    Hope you don’t have any hang-ups about the incident either.

  2. nick says:

    don’t live in the past. forget and move on.
    and i think bloggin about has helped u a tad…its time for closure. ashana naye

  3. akiey5 says:

    Always wondered how such a person would feel if their daughter, sister or niece were treated the same? Always wondered.
    I agree with Ms K & Nick & glad u weren’t hurt either.

  4. Farmgal says:

    Blogging about this is therapeutic I have discovered. Its taken me back to issues I never dealt with. I can promise you I have moved on but isnt it amazing how much people get away with!

  5. Don’t feel bad for not telling anyone. As Ms K says…”should woulda coulda”

    You handled the situation to the best of your abilities and you left that place without any physical hurt. Hopefully the emotional and mental hurt is also gone.

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