Don’t forget what’s behind this blog!

Don’t let my last few blogs mislead you.
I am still looking for love so my blog-mates help!
Are there any single bloggers in the ring?

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9 Responses to Don’t forget what’s behind this blog!

  1. akiey says:

    I would discourage you from taking on a long distance r/ship so I guess UK KBW bloggers are better placed to help connect you to some really nice folks they know.
    “S/he who looks for love, surely finds it” -Anon
    Good luck in your quest:)!

  2. Farmgal says:

    akiey hebu bring on your UK buddies we kagua them! Thanks for the piece of advise. I would not want a long distance unless one is willing to move to UK within three months of ….

  3. LifeMoments says:

    Mmmmmh! Good question!

    I can put forward a list of quite eligible bachelors but count nick out of the list since if you are spotted walking with him in town and holding hands it might be mistaken for underage abuse (the babyface!!!!!).

    Or we can start a kenyablog dating service……..and make money of cause…

  4. Ms K says:

    Well I was gonna say Nick lakini I guess that’s out.

    Well, you know what you should do is post a list of what you like in a man.

  5. LMAO…yaani this comment has turned into a Nick bashing session…woiye for once I feel like defending him…but..nah..

    Farmgal..I will happily hook you up with someone do as Ms K has suggested..list what you look for in a man and then we can start the real work..

  6. Farmgal says:

    Nick is becoming some sort of celeb hebu don’t steal my thunder babyface.
    I am working on a list guys.

  7. Guessaurus says:

    *Just giggling at all the Nick(y) comments*

    Personally, I dont like it when people “set me up” with their friends, so I shall happily sit on the sidelines on this one

  8. nick says:

    auuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Jehova!!!

    i actually didn’t see that coming from torments-guess. i was all busy readin comments and then.alas!!!! not even knife in the back can describe this. LORD!!!

    farmgal am all yours single and willing achana with all these player haters.


  9. sidcruise says:

    Well I m single :)… i have a chance ?

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