Pimp me up

Dark skin……

I don’t know why but I easily fall for a man with dark skin. I’d go out with someone with different skin tone but dark is sexier to me. If you know any light skin guy….. begger can’t choose.

God fearing….

This I hope is self explanatory and is my number one on the list.


babyface sweet ain’t bad at all.

Good kisser….

I don’t like very very wet kisses unless we are making …. I can’t write it, I’m that shy!


Someone who totally respects women overall. I mean their mama, sisters etc.

Cuddly & abit touchy feely….

I love to cuddle. Imagine just sitting there with your lover saying nothing but clinging on to each other like there is bila tomorrow. Touching is good, it kinda says..”I can’t get enough of you”

Phone manners…

If you hang up before you can finish saying goodbye, goodnite, ta etc then no thanks. I love longish goodbyes and unless your boss just walked in on you, then a sudden hang-up is not acceptable. I don’t even like it when friends do that.


At least we got to talk daily on email, phone, text etc There are so many options out there so there is no excuse. If you love someone you must make time for them PERIOD!!!!!!! Unless you are in Iraq.


Be in Uk or be willing to move here (this is my home).


I promise to give my all if you do the same.


Keep it in check I can’t shout therefore would not want to be shouted at.


I think if you are in a relationship you learn to forgive daily. People hurt us everday and we hurt others daily. Like when you don’t return phonecalls….you know the rest.


I mean in all ways, if I hurt you you tell me, if you feel I have let you down you tell me. If you aren’t feeling me anymore you tell me. Don’t tell me in public though!

I will write some more soon, for now pimp me up!

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18 Responses to Pimp me up

  1. Ah ha! Now we have the list..before I continue I do expect payment but I am flexible. Cash is good but so are any/all of the following:

    Tia Maria

    Hio tu..

    Oh..doesn’t height matter to you?

  2. Farmgal says:

    I am 5’2 0r 5’3 I am not sure so I guess anything from 5’2 to 6′ is sawa.

    age…upto 35yrs and nothing under 25yrs.

    Does it mean I will have to pay all the pimps ama the winning pimp.

    If you are jamaa you can pimp yourself.

    And please any info thats too sensitive via my email.

  3. nick says:

    damn it here i am pimpin away

    oh i happen to be very cuddly-ur regular yogi bear

    @mjy what are udoing pimpin away ur blog-hubby

  4. Ms K says:

    Eh now how are we supposed to know he’s a good kisser?? I know Omar will never let me fanya test run on Nick!!!

    LOL @ winning pimp!!! LMAO for real!!!!

    And wewe, nothing under 5’8. Short men are just NO!

    Wacha I go hunt some down!

    Now for your vital stats. Gotta know my product you know!

  5. Farmgal says:

    Hey Ms K you can do a test run on Nick for me just don’t tell Omar then hit my inbox so that Omar won’t jua . Nick I hope you dont mind this. I know you wouldnt mind.

    Everyone who wouldnt mind this test run hands up!

  6. KymmBr. says:

    HEY…huh. this is hilarious. am smiling all the way. is this issue too grave? if so, forgive my stupidity.

    …..btw, whats with the geography? if yu gonna be hooking up with yu’r boy, cant yu be willing to travel yourself? ama it must be the dude coz he is the one being pimped? anyway, whatever….i wish yu luck.

  7. nick says:

    am tellin u am dangling upside down in my spidey costume-waitin for a kiss in the rain…

  8. akiey says:

    Nice start, this way we would know better what rocks your boat:)

    I would suggest a very nice, caring & yes, respects women (and his mom) cousin of mine in Manchester but am not sure how young you like them:))!

  9. Guessaurus says:

    You are serious right? I should then just stop laughing.

    I hear you on all your specifications, and I know a couple of people who fit those, but I dont know how “wet” you like your men. You get me?

  10. Farmgal says:

    Guys guys and pimps, when I say I dont like the kisses very wet unless we are… I mean I hate lots of tongue and also hate lots of saliva.

    If you are a serious pimp hit my inbox.

    And yes geography is important, I have done that long distance thing before, see where its got me!!!!!!

    Ms K
    I’m 5’2, medium complextion, shy, teetotler, fun to be with and can cook.

  11. akiey says:

    I feel silly to have suggested someone b4 checking some vital stats you’d given:) He’s way under 25 but 5′ 9″.
    Lemme flip thru my mental files & see if there’s some eligible pal I knew out there:)

  12. Farmgal says:

    @akiey you are forgiven. Now get busy aiight!
    @mama J where the tall guys at?
    @babbyface are you pimping urself ama getting pimped?
    @guess wacha kucheka at a sister eeeh!
    @ms K dont forget test run kesho.

  13. sidcruise says:

    well not a problem you forget to mention your age ..also you have run the whole gamut of attributes of a man ..i think i fit the bill semanlessly (LOL)

  14. Jezebelle says:

    I’d recommend M but i’m chasing him myself 🙂

  15. Ms K says:

    LOL at Jezebel!! M cannot be got sista, his heart belongs to Aida.

  16. Anonymous says:

    @miss k — compe ni compe. There are like 4 good men left on earth and this is one of them

  17. Jezebelle says:

    @miss k — compe ni compe. There are like 4 good men left on earth and this is one of them

  18. Farmgal says:

    kama M has got sista hebu we just wachana with him.
    M must be quite something I must say Aida is lucky.

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