Last night I stayed up late learning some Html stuff online. Now thanks to Mental I can do new stuff on my blog.

I thought I was going to have a bit of sleep this morning……yeah right I was woken up by the painter doing the windows. Scrapping, brushing and all other noises associated with painting were my wake up call alright.

Mental I swear my dreams last night were in HTML.

Thanks for all your help, now I know why Mama J dedicated a whole blog to you sometime back.


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7 Responses to HTML

  1. No probs! Good to see your blog looking kidogo pimped! 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    I’ve found I’m also scouring the web for new HTML stuff, it gets kind of all-consuming. Embedding music, javascript, when will it end!

  3. nick says:

    and u wonder why i called him GODFATHER!?!?!
    i saw my link hmmmh if i wasnt bein pimped u’d have been a blog-war causlity :-))

  4. Migz says:

    Kicheko at HTML dreams…

    Its great what technological advancements can do…ah! nothing beats the formatted dream…all neat in HTML, heck! maybe even in Flash..

    What format were your dreams before, dare I ask?

  5. akiey says:

    Farmgal dreaming in HTML,…You’ve just entered the Matrix,lol!
    No doubt, you’re a child of the modern times! and I thought was insane for dreaming about TLC’ing photos!

  6. KymmBr. says:

    wanna share what yu learnt? halla at a bratha…..

  7. Farmgal says:

    @mental I cant say thanks enough but I will be back with more queries.

    @rob thanks for stopping by

    @babyface he is truly the Godfather

    @migz no am not telling what format my dreams were in. I thought HTML meant Hotmail. Thank for stopping by

    @akiey I feel you on the metrix LOL

    @kymmbr I am not yet a certified tutor I am sure you know more than I do.

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