The game I’d love to hate

I watched the eff eh cup final today, I know you’re thinking “so did I” and the rest of the world. My answer to that is ‘I know’ I can’t believe just how much I have come to love football, I jump up when I think the team ‘am supporting is going to score, I scream at the ref incase he can’t see the foul I have just seen…..and yah with my hands on my head! I jump and scream just like everyone else when the team am rooting for gets the back of the net, I kick, clench my fist, hug strangers at the pub, the other Farmgal comes out to play. yeah baby! Now am learning the lyrics of the songs sang by the Chelsea funs! Eeeish I think this is going a little bit further than I had planned…Oh I had not planned anything.

I had made a vow to myself that I’d never get emotional when a team thats not Chelsea was chasing that piece of leather, how wrong! Today I sat there convinced myself that it was a cup final so I’d just watch for the sake of it. Before I knew it I was supporting Arsenal after supporting Man U for like ten minutes…dont ask why I chose to go with Arsenal.

All the feelings I feel when Chelsea is playing descended on me. Before I knew it I was jumping, screaming at the ref and the Man U players etc etc
My friend who dares not call me when Chelsea is playing called. my greeting went like..”hello ..come on arsenal…oh hey babes do you know there is….oh migod goal, goal, goal, nooooo …Oh I was sayin there’s football si you call me later…aaaaaaahhhhhh men! Ok babes b’dae(laters) and back to football. Why was I getting so worked up I mean its just football.

The bad thing about this FA cup final is that it went to penalties or what I call the battle of the goalies. I hate when that happens, so the last few minutes of extra time I was screaming ..’somebody score please anyone please, no penalties please score’ (ouch my lungs hurt) Adrenaline kicked in when we went to extra time. There is no explaning how I was feeling at this point and trust me its worse where Chelsea is involved. I will not even tell you what happens during the world cup…I will tell you during the next world cup. By the way did I tell you that when England was kicked out of the last world cup, I honestly swear I promised myself that football had ceased to be a part of me. Yaani that day I went to the pub at 7am to watch that game 7am dear brethren….what time did I leave my warm bed? Of course I forgot the pain I experienced that day very quickly.

Now I love the others too … rugby, tennis, snooker, cricket(kaimagini) and golf. I even watch the sports channels and always check the latest sports news on sky sport and trust me there is no man in my house controlling the remote..uuuuui kairetu…I know!

BTW This is for all the Liverpool fans out there, I have not gotten over you taking our place in the championship final. kwani that ref at the semis was blind! That was not a goal and I have seen it replayed from all angles. aaargghh

I really want this love affair with football to end so today I promise myself (mind am not sure if I can keep this promise) that I will never try and get home early to catch you, I will not be going to the pub with you for a drink, I will not be checking up on you on sky sports, I will not tell my friends about you anymore and I dont care if you are in season or out …am not finished, I will not be wearing that expensive hat with your name on it….am not kidding this time we are over.


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3 Responses to The game I’d love to hate

  1. kari says:

    ha slowly being sucked in by the evil force that is football and am sure in another year of living here i will be a fanatic..i would so like to go to ansfield one day and paint my face and chant songs and get into the football spirit(read,insult the ref!)..but i still cant watch a game on telly,,not the whole thing anyway…

  2. M says:

    Gunners! Gunners! Gunners!

  3. LifeMoments says:

    I didn’t know you are a football fan!

    Well you have to excuse me but if there’s anything I can’t stand, Its football….

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