Pimp my ride!

Originally uploaded by Farmgal.

Dear people

I finally got a car. Alloy rims, massive stereo system, flashy colors,
low on fuel etc – it absolutely unbelievable. I got it from Toyota and
told me I will be one of the first people using it in the UK.

I however suspect that it will not pass a thorough scrutiny when I try
get an MOT.

Tell me if you are of the same view

Got this from a a friend, thanks friend!

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13 Responses to Pimp my ride!

  1. nick says:

    gives a new meanin to “till the cows come home”
    and no matter what they tellu i have never used one of those when i work in nyeri

  2. akiey-5 says:

    You crack me up Farmgal! That’s a clever way to save on fuel. Dreams do come true so we’ll soon see you rolling in a 2006 Toyota edition,huh?

  3. Farmgal says:

    @Nicky my mashed up car will take to Nyeri and back in record time.
    That @akiey is a Cow-Yota 2006 edition alright!

  4. M says:

    Whole new meaning to the words “Horse Power”

  5. bop bop baby says:

    girl what a ride,can i come for some ride some day.

  6. bop bop baby says:

    thanks i wil join so can i come for a ride

  7. akiey says:

    Farmgal, your “Cow-yota 2006” model killed me,lol!! Just noticed it’s actually a droptop, perfect for the warm weather.
    Can I take that to the drive-in cinema & if so, do them cows also get a snack,lol!?

  8. KymmBr. says:

    The perfect getaway limo for a honeymoon in the namib desert. the fact that yu are one of the first people to be using it in the UK means that yu can definately save on some insurance…i tend to think the risk of having an accident on one of those is minimal. just make sure em donkeys (cows!??) are well fed and healthy.

    yu are good to go gal!!!!!!!

  9. interesting way to go. i guess you could say that thing really MOOOoooOOOoves. sorry had to.

  10. SHOBALI says:

    It’s just as long as a Limo!
    I love the way that one dude is perched on the edge.

  11. Ms K says:

    LMAO! Aki you almost killed me!

  12. LifeMoments says:

    Nice car!!!!!!!!!!!

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