My friends’ honeymoon

Remember the wedding I went? yeah that one, the couple went to Kenya on a 22day honeymoon. I picked them up from Heathrow the other day.

The last day of their honeymoon they were robbed at gun point, the jamaa was asleep and the chic was having her hair done. There was like sixteen guys in they house (some sort of farewell bash) but they were still robbed off all their mobile phones by four guys wielding guns. Lucky enough the gal managed to hide her wedding ring and in her bra. The funny thing I advised her not to take any expensive jewellery just before they left hence the reason why she slid her ring in her bra!

For someone who had never been to Kenya before she had an experience! She also got typhoid but all in all she had an amazing time and has alot of good stuff to say about Kenya and in Swahili too! The highlight of her trip…………eating crocodile meat at the carnivore.

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10 Responses to My friends’ honeymoon

  1. Shiroh says:

    Poor guys,honeymoon and robbed what an experience
    Reminds me of Ngugi wa Thiongo and his wife.

  2. Guessaurus says:

    Pole to those guys – guns are so scary.

  3. SHOBALI says:

    How unfortunate for them!
    At least their lives were spared!

    Anyone who has experienced robbery with violence knows its traumatizing. I once got robbed by machete wielding thugs and that was scary.
    Pole sana to your friend!

  4. nick says:

    at least they still have each other…
    but can u imagine their special moment ruined…

    as for the typhoid:her Gut will be stronger than never before…she can eat anywhere and anything now she’s been immunised!

  5. akiey says:

    That’s scary & nasty. Shame on those thugs taking from people who work hard for what they own.
    I hope this doesn’t spoil their memories of a blissful weddding/honeymoon.
    She’s learned to speak Swahili? That’s impressive!

  6. M says:

    Sometimes I wonder why i’m against the death penalty ….

  7. Farmgal says:

    Its sad when you read stories of people being killed by heartless thugs for stuff they have worked really hard for. Thank God my friends werent harmed but still!

  8. akiey5 says:

    My dear friend, don’t hate me for this but am here to deliver a book tag. Hope u enjoy it too:)

  9. KymmBr. says:

    pole to those guys for a scary ending to an otherwise sweet honeymoon. just tells me there is still stuff that needs to be done back home….where are we headed with this insecurity? i wissh i dinn know, because i really do know…its just that its scary.

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