Whats your love language?

I was thinking about this yesterday….If you speak two or three languages with the ease you speak your first language and you are making out with whoever/lover. Which language do think in?
I’ll use me as an example, if am kissing someone and am wishing they didnt stop I wish in English!!!
I have noticed we have people here who speak French, Spanish, Kikuyu, Kiswahili, Maasai, Luyha, Kamba, Luo, Kisii etc etc Have you ever thought in any other language (other than English) during those intimate moments?

Am laughing just thinking about this………

On big brother for those who are in Uk. I really want Science out of that house he is too loud and he doesnt listen to anyone. He reminds me of someone I lived with for almost a year, he is such a nag!!!!!!

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18 Responses to Whats your love language?

  1. Udi says:

    When I am fantasizing, I think in Kyuk. “Gukuhura muti”.

    Lol. syke

  2. Guessaurus says:

    This is real funny. I have never thought about it before, but since you ask, English. But if I spoke French or Spanish – wow…..

    When I now think of that in Kyuk, it sounds really weird.

    @Udi, vvvv funny that.

  3. Sunflower says:

    LOL! I think when im in the deed sometimes im like ‘Ngai Mwathani wa igoro’ LOL! I guess that means I think in Kyuk – you know they say at the most puzzling moments you remember your first language…. ha ha ha!
    @Udi, LMAO!

  4. i think am more an english guy all the way thru. No ‘ngai fafa’s!’ for me


  5. SHOBALI says:

    Interesting Post!
    I figure English on most parts for me too. You reminded me of someone that once asked me if we dream in color or black and white.

  6. akiey says:

    I really like your post & that has got me thinking too. That pic, super!!
    Mhmmm? Ok,when making out & it’s really good I guess I often think in English.
    If someone’s flirting with me or vice-versa(I only flirt with those I love)then English, French or Swahili sanifu always do the trick.
    French & Swahili are very beautiful romantic languages so I guess I love better in those,lol!

    PS: Farmgal, Not to tease you but do you love in HTML as well since some time back you said you were dreaming in HTML?,lol!

  7. Farmgal says:

    @Udi you know I dont want to be a part of that fatansy.

    @Guess I too wish I could speak French etc etc

    @sunflower you and Udi are in the same boat.

    @Babyface and Shobali We are in the same ‘English boat’ though will not mind trying something different.

    @akiey If your swahili is abit rusty you can practise on me and throw in some francaise too. HTML! would you want to find out?

  8. Shiroh says:

    it depends how i relate wiht that person but mostly English

  9. Shiroh says:

    it depends how i relate wiht that person but mostly English

  10. akiey says:

    Farmgal, wanifurahisha mno mwenzangu. Ok, lemme practice my Swahili by asking whether you refer to your love language as:
    “Lugha ya Mapenzi” or “Lugha ya Mapendo”…say that with a Mvita accent:)

  11. Girl you don’t like Science? Why? I think he is the BEST person in that house.

  12. Farmgal says:

    @shiro thanks for stopping by

    @akiey you know you’ll have to talk me thru that mvita accent. Now give me your your digits

    @mama J’ if you’ve ever lived with someone as loud as science then you’d want him out of that house too.

  13. M says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  14. M says:

    Can one think in Sign?

  15. Farmgal says:

    @M sign language! mmmhhh

  16. Prousette says:

    Interesting question.Oral expression does not feature highly in this scenario as the left brain is otherwise engaged. I speak 4 languages fluently so the most appropriate tongue pops out when the need arises
    sh*t = merde
    the latter is more appropriate in the ‘um situation described but never ngai fafa

  17. kinyi says:

    hmm interesting topic!!
    LOL! I think in English and definitely use English when making out..it just comes out in English! I’ve never thought of it in any other language actually…I’ll ask around thats a good conversation puller when I spot that hot cutie guy again!

  18. akiey says:

    Farmgal,lol! You’ll have to talk to me in HTML if you’re to hear the Mvita accent. Eti my digits? You’re brave my friend:) Hit me up on email…

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