I’d give/do anything to be cuddled up on a sofa with the one I love, watching some telly, kissing, playing with his toes……..

Oh well!!!!!!!

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8 Responses to Cuddly

  1. wg-k says:

    LOVE the picture!! Hang in there, you’ll find him soon, or he’ll find you.

  2. Guessaurus says:

    That picture is so sweet. Hmm – I want to play with some toes too 😦

  3. KymmBr. says:

    nothing beats a cuddle…not even a good head or slump from behind.
    just sitting there and softle touching….(trails off as memories become too much)

  4. M says:

    Have faith…

  5. u bring to this blogworld the definition of an old romantic…u make us believe in real love and all its mushy wushy self. u re-invent sweetness and all those classic black and white movie romance is all about

    Here’s to you finding some toes!

  6. akiey says:

    When you invited us to blog with you U didn’t stutter when you asked for hugs…and you got more than a handful:) Farmgal, at this rate you’ll have us asking for those cuddly cuddles:) Nice pic & post!

  7. Farmgal says:

    @wg-k yaani i have been hanging in here for ages, think i will let go and just fall…

    @guess give some toes someone please

    @kymmbr would like to know how you pronounce your names sweetheart.
    miss those tender touches where someone trails there finger ….mhh cold shower needed here

    @m how much more faith than a gal have? do u have toes to play with and i dont mean your own?

    @babyface you know i will never stop calling you that…and will drink to that, cheers!

    @akiey sweety cuddles are what we need sometimes, they work like magic.

  8. mwangi says:

    r u serious? 🙂

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