Thanks KBW & Friends

For making me smile!

Thank you for being there for me, for the emails and the IM chats, blog comments, phone calls and emails

Here’s a rose for each one of you, I got non but mad mad love for you!
God bless y’all

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18 Responses to Thanks KBW & Friends

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Farmgal!!
    This is CB…..
    even though I am not a flower jamaa (I sneeze like hell if I try to smell them).They look good , & its good to learn that you got that wide smile on your face.
    Keep it…. its good for you.
    So many wish they’d have it but……………………

  2. Guessaurus says:

    Gal, thanks for the flowers,and its great that you have such a wide smile on your face.

    Be strong gal, and if you need loadsa hugs and kisses, this here is the place for them.

    Ps: your blog ate my comments last nite, so I hope this one gets through!!!

  3. mshairi says:

    Good things come to good people, Farmgal but thanks for the flowers!

  4. SHOBALI says:

    That smile by that chimp is way out of this world!.Hold onto the faith.

  5. nick says:

    you mean u didnt get my flowers???dont make me call the delivery company!

    am happy your smiling like the chimp…but them gums may need some attention.LOL

  6. akiey says:

    Our sweetest Farmgal, thanks for the flowers & good to know you’ve got your smile on. Stay strong & I hope ‘today’ gives you more reasons to smile:))

  7. Farmgal,

    I stand in line saying Thank You. Its not often that i get red roses from a girl. Be blessed.


  8. kari says:

    awwwwww they are so cute!!!!keep smiling kamami!xxx

  9. rwathia says:

    Yoh Farmgal! what the deal, manze cheers for visiting that warped blogspot, Rwathia. I like your blogspot, maybe now I can spend some more time here instead of that crazy Rwathia jungle.

  10. Milonare says:

    Hey Farmgal!

    Thanks. Nitaiweka kwa maji…

    Horror of all horrors! I looked at the post and thought I was looking at a mirror. Don’t scare me like that again!! 😉

  11. Poi says:

    Glad we put a smile on your face. Thanks for the rose.

    Hugs & kisses. Stay blessed!

  12. Shiroh says:

    Wow, the flowers are lovely. Thank you too .

  13. Prousette says:

    I have never received flowers from a gal so Ihave this wooshy feeling and there is no occassion
    Glad you’re smiling coz I am.
    Thanks for the flowers

  14. Farmgal says:

    @CB send us an email, sawa? thanks for stopping by. This KBW crew puts a big smile on ma face everday. you should join us!

    @guess thanks mrembo loads of this ehugs ae just like the real thing. i sorted out your comments. thanks!

    @you’re welcome mshairi oops nearly called u auntie mshairi

    @shobali am holding on to ma faith. I have that smile on ma face!

    @nick ehehe the flowers got here, thanks sana. Iam trying not to say what the card said hhihihihih we’ll drop in at ur clinic for some gum treatment lol

    @akiey many thanks madear, with friends like you how can I not be strong?

    @blue you welcome!

    @kari hey kamami I wanna meet u one of this days girl. I’ll keep smiling

    @rwathia its nice to see what people are up to in other blogs. join us we are a big happy family over here.

    @milonare I’ll try and keep all mirrors out of your way. thanks for making me laugh!

    @poi you too are more than welcome, I didnt realise that we all love a red rose like this.

    @shiro you welcome babes

    @prousette you are welcome and thanks for making me smile too.

    thanks for the love y’all God bless

  15. nakeel says:

    I dont know whether i too deserve them but i should appreciate the smile and the flowers gal they are lovely indeed… Endelea vivyo hivyo na moyo huo huo…. mkarimu…..

  16. Anonymous says:

    “@CB send us an email, sawa? thanks for stopping by. This KBW crew puts a big smile on ma face everday. you should join us!”………….
    you sure about this?? coz I am a BIG Anti-Blues(esp. Mourinho) and a huge Red Devils/Gunners jamaa.
    Yes I said it. sorry…..

  17. Farmgal says:

    @CB its ok if you hate blues, lakini which one (1)team do u support? I’ll look out for your team/s especially when its/they loosing. hehehhe we dont have to agree to be in KBW so come on on board!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Red Devils for life……

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