Just some pics

Someone say services in Welsh!

Imagine this falling on you, ouch!!

This is in Manchester , UK

This here is the suspension bridge Wales, a crap shot lakini thats the best I could do behind the wheel!
What’s text/sms in swahili?

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14 Responses to Just some pics

  1. Milonare says:

    First one here… Yeees…

    SMS is swa?? Dunno… Maybe esemesi…

  2. akiey5 says:

    No offense but why does Welsh sound like endless shrubbing to me?Well, maybe they’d say the same about Swa,lol!?
    -The Manchester shot, very nice. Looks like Spiderman paid them a visit recently:)
    -Heey, you finally braved it & drove on a suspesion bridge! Read somewhere you had a phobia of sorts of such bridges..?
    -sms in Swa? mhmmm, have to check that up soonest.

  3. Poi says:

    Great pics, I can’t hold a camera girl!, try to do it wit my paloz en the whole idea of taking fotos is trashed if am the one to do it. So, hadithis of me not unclutching whilst driving to shoot is NO!

    SMS in swa, let’s try ‘kutuma ujumbe/ujumbe mfupi’lol c’mmon u cant be looking for a single word, otherwise u gotta halla at kina Swaleh Mdoe en er..the other guy

    @Milonare…hahaaa hongera umejaribu zaidi..

  4. akiey5 says:

    Just a thought:
    If email is: “barua pepe” or “barua pepesi” then sms, being more brief & faster than an email could be: “kipepe” or “kipepesi”.
    So, Farmgal, tutumie kipepe ukifika nyumbani:))

  5. Shiroh says:

    The shots were really nice,sms in Kiswahili tought one.

  6. kipepeo says:

    great pics!!!!
    @ milionare…esemesi…?ur special!

  7. Guessaurus says:

    Love love the photos Farmgal – the suspension bridge looks yumm.
    @Akiey – lol at Welsh being endless shrubbing, try having to address an envelope to an address in Wales – patience is majorly required here dude!!

    I am with everyone above (hopeless) at SMS in Swa.. I didnt even know email in Swa ..

  8. mshairi says:

    I think that structure in Manchester is awesome and have been planning to make a trip to see it. Great photos.

  9. sandman says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  10. sandman says:

    you’re not gonna believe this…….that spikey thing actually fell on me once – what a coincidence! you would think it hurts but it just stung a little.

    You know swa doesn’t do anything short so sms in swa would probably be – ujumbe ya ufupi iliyotumwa na simu ya kutembea kielektroniki ambayo inapokewa na simu ingine kama hiyo or UYUINSYKKAINSIKH for short.

  11. Farmgal says:

    hey guys poleni I’ve missing for two days.

    @Milo esemesi!!!???? shaking head

    @akiey thanks and that bridge is not the same one I said I wont be driving on soon. This one’s huge, it feels safer than that tiny one in Bristol.

    @Poi yes am looking for a single word. yaani all this swa speaking guys and bilaz.am still shaking head @milo’s

    @akiey dont know where you got that lakini if there is no swa word for sms then I think u just created one!

    @shiro thanks girl

    @kipepeo thanks

    @guess thanks, do u know Cardiff has three D’s in Welsh (caerdydd-try saying that)

    @mshairi It’s such a beautiful sight. You should make that trip and if you’re a footie fan then you can see the man united grounds while you’re there.

    @sandman aki imagine i believe you, all that steel feels like a sting!!!lol
    as for you sms in swa u definately beat the welsh.

    My guess is-since barua pepe is email the sms is kabarua kapepe but that’s still two words.

  12. Ms K says:

    LOL I’ve asked guys in the office and been told its Ujumbe wa Rununu!!

    Oh I’m so jealous! I’d give anything to visit Wales and esp Caerdydd! One day………

  13. kidada says:

    That suspension bridge brings back loads of memories…talk about road trips

    I love Cardiff to bits! The clubbing I was upto was just crazy…big things happened!!

    Hope you had a great time there too.

  14. the unknown says:

    i have been on that suspension bridge on my way to swansea. i loved it.

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