My first proper biz’ness!

After many frustrating months dealing with slow solicitors, slow and lying fundis and doing mileage across the UK, my baby’s finally here.
Today was the first day of business, was slow but had lots of people coming in to check it out. This morning when I opened the door, tears ran down my cheeks, tears of joy and pain coz my body hurts like mad.
I painted most of it myself but I had wonderful friends coming in. I pray that the monies will start coming in coz boy is my account in the red!
Thanks you guys for encouraging me all thru, especially during painting (that reminds me I owe bloggers my pictures)

Mental make plans to kuja to this village, will let you know about the ‘the day’.

Pray for me!

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31 Responses to My first proper biz’ness!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome Blog! I added you to my bookmarks. Feel free to check out my blog on nintendo revolution exposed anytime!

  2. Absolutely brilliant!
    Well done! Hongera!

  3. akiey says:

    Wonderful Farmgal!! Am very happy for you. I like your spirit of doing for self. May this be the start of many more succesful ventures. Congrats:)!

  4. Shiroh says:

    I am sure you will make it through. Just contact mwa anytime, i am an accountant so….i can raise some fee notes on you ha ha ha. Anyway you gotta make it.

  5. Wow! Congratulations! It looks like the kind of by the way side, personal store I’d love to visit.

    Give us directions, incase we’re ever in your neck of the woods we can check it out and ‘promote’ you.

    Are you selling your own designs?
    Congratulations – I’ll add you to my prayer list!

  6. Ms K says:

    WOW girl!! I am like so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! And if I was in the UK, trust me I’d come and “promote” you! I’m sure this will be the first of many successful ventures! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  7. Milonare says:

    Hey!! Well-in!!

    And I thought you were painting your diggoloz… Kumbe it was for bizna…

    I’m impressed… very, very impressed…

    Ya, unleash zile mapicha…

  8. mshairi says:

    Congratulations and well done, Farmgal. May your business (and love life;) prosper!

  9. Prousette says:

    Congratulations gal. I actually thought like milonare you were painting you house.
    Godspeed!!! if I was in the UK surely give a gal some business.
    My heart shall burst with pride.

  10. Heeeheee.



    Nduka iiyo ni thaka munu!


  11. akiey says:

    Farmgal…hit me up if/when you need adverts made for your biz. I could support you with 3 free graphic adverts. Lemme know:))

  12. kipepeo says:

    oh wow! i totally love clothes! it just looks so Fantabulous and i havnt even been inside yet!! oooh! Great Great job!!!!

  13. Poi says:

    Awesome, Congratulations girl! You sure deserve it after all the painting and the works.
    You go girl! do your best and all will work out. When u work for yourself it can’t get better since u r there, get to know what’s needed and what’s not selling and stuff. You jus seem to pick all good business traits with time and in no time u r doing fab!

    All the very best from me. Now & always!
    I’ll be saying a prayer for u!

  14. Msanii_XL says:

    Immpressed!! Thought it was the house being painted.
    ..Congratulations and may you have much much success

  15. nick says:

    Hey congrats! i had no idea it was this nice…damn ebu tell me about taht job offer again.
    Its really somethin and am sure at night your sleeping much better-be proud of your accomplishment!

  16. Guessaurus says:

    Like the above comments, I thought it was a home DIY – congrats gal, hope this is a start of new beginnings.

    Email me details and stuff and I will be “supporting” the business.
    Nice one!

  17. Guessaurus says:

    @Akiey -very generous of you -knew you were a kindred spirit!

  18. s! says:

    congrats farmgal!! our prayers and best wishes with you!! 🙂

  19. rwathia says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck.

  20. KymmBr. says:

    proud of yu’r great work. that’s the way to go girl. everything’s gonna work out in time, just keep yu head up! congrats and keep doing yu’r thing.
    the prayers are on……

  21. kinyi says:

    Congrats! I bet you walk with your head held up high!

  22. akiey says:

    Farmgal, enjoy your day & hope all weekends keep you especially busy at your “boutique” we should understand when you can’t blog as often:)

    @Guess, thanx!!it’s the least I could do to support our Farmgal since I can’t come over & shop for my family & all for now:)) Am glad we’re all looking out for one another.

  23. Sunflower says:

    Damn I got here late…. but better than never! Well done girl! I hope one day I get there! Tons of support from this side of the world!

  24. Adrian says:

    congratulations and all the best!!

  25. nakeel says:

    Am soo late to say it all Congrats gal.. May you achieve more than you expect…. And the fruits of your hard labour to fill more than you can accomodate them….

  26. Orendon says:

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  27. Anonymous says:

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  28. Farmgal says:

    Thanks all just keep praying for me, this is a hard road but I’m sticking it out. lots of love!

  29. Medusa says:

    This is so inspiring..Yay farmgal..
    – Just do it! Just did it!

  30. gishungwa says:

    congrats.u will b in my prayers.

  31. acolyte says:

    just goin thru ur archives hadn’t seen this.A belated congrats!And hope biz is goin well!!!!

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