East African Standard!

I have been reading the standard online for a while the most interesting bits being the weekly magazines, Executives, Pulse and Style being my favourite.
Now ati I have to pay $54 for three months just to read the whole magazine. This jingaz think i can cough up $54????
Can any blogger in kenya update me on whats happening in that story kwa style magazine ‘girls about town’
As for EA wacheni wizi!!!!!!!
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24 Responses to East African Standard!

  1. Poi says:

    I feel u totally girl! I’ve also been reading it since forever and now since last week but one we got to subscribe for it.

    Uuuiii am so depressed the way my fridays would never kick-in before I read me some pulse and get all the juicy aka hot kenyan vibe, now all gone! How sad…

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Milonare says:

    Yes Poi, yes…

    Same storo with me here. Friday morn – Pulse kwanza, everything else later…

    The ka-kenyan vibe is juicy/sweet/entertaining but not $54 worth!!!

  4. nakeel says:

    Pole sana gal i feel for you… you will miss all that but we understand they are almost running short of cash so they need to make extra to cover the deficit.. wil try and give you some juice…. but will inform Mshindi that he is not a central bantu so to stop it before it happens…

  5. kipepeo says:

    Du know the horror when u log on on monday for ur usual pulse read and seeing the pics and then the damn screen says you have to pay 54 dollars! I’m being locked out of my own countries news! Its great to be kenyan and all that, but geez, im not about to pay that much! Its not even reasonable. I’m one bitter pill i can tell you that!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think this Saturday, the story was that Pete was getting married. And Liz only found out while having lunch at Diamond Plaza, through Pete’s friend – (some coast person or other…Ahmed or something). So she’s obviously devastated.

    She was also informed that she has a ‘depressed vagina’ (go figure). So she’s on hormones and some anti-depressants.

    Anyway those are the highlights
    I feel for you all – the Saturday magazine is always good for a long read in bed. As for Friday – well…let’s all admit it, we read Pulse even though we claim Kenya has no celes…

  7. Prousette says:

    pissed off too cos I normally do not buy EAStandard but read the juicy parts online and now they want me to pay. Haiya!! Then I cannot even send the links of the stories now.

  8. nick says:

    enyewe pulse is like the nearest thing we have to tabloids!!!

    farmgal pole sana….atleast ‘anon’ got ur back

  9. sandman says:

    ati how much??? haiwezekani! kwanza my phone bill is overdue.

  10. Lidia says:

    Yeah it’s rough. I’ve been reading the Standard for as long as I can remember from the days when my father used to buy the household paper. I’m not sure that I want to pay though.

  11. Anonymous says:

    *Whisper*- Blue has proposed to Mshairi. She accepted. Nicks gonna have a hernia!

  12. Shiroh says:

    Never been a fan of standard before but it was beginning to like the magazines, i didnt know the subscription thing coz i don’t read it online

  13. Tatizo hawajui kuwa kiasi hicho ni kikubwa sana kwa watu wa uwezo wa chini sana, na hawajui kiasi gani wataahiri watu kwa kuamua hivyo, naamini hawakufanya utafiti kujua inamadhara gani, lakini tutafanyaje sasa??? Wameshika mpini, tumeshika makali, inabidi tuwe cool no way

  14. s! says:

    i am disappointed in the Standard.. this is pathetic!

  15. Jezebelle says:

    I agree with you on that one 0 these guys have gone bonkers charging $54 !!!
    The folks have to renege on that stupi marketing crap or whatever it is they want to call it

    Lets see which fool ( if I may ) will cough up that amount.

  16. Ciiku says:

    How can they charge $54/quarter to read kidu 3-4 pages? They obviously didn’t carry out any mkt. research coz if they had, they would have found out that despite Pulse’s popularity, no one in their right mind (emphasis on right mind)will pay $54.

  17. Irena says:

    It is unreal and they just put me off big time. I liked their lifestyle Mag. That is the only reason I read Standard newspaper,otherwise I’m a diue hard Nation reader. They better rethink their strategy because they have just killed their online traffic and that will result to low advertisement dollars esp on Friday and weekends… Nation act and get all the advertisers to your weekend Mag.!

  18. mocha says:

    LOL….thought this move by EA Standard pissed me alone….kumbe mingi peeps are vexxed.

    I sent a letter to the Editor…wapi!? am sure i aint alone.

    they get money from advertising and they want more chums….they are just a bunch of thieving NGOMONGOS!

    ohhh, i like your blog!

  19. Anonymous says:

    i may be hated for this but who gives a shit. the standard needs money to ensure that people are paid and that at the end of the day their is fair trade and that by buying or subscribing to their paper you ensure this happens. so stop being a typical kenyan always wanting free things and pay for it otherwise we will still remain poor.

  20. Farmgal says:

    @anon…how is $54 for three months fair trade???? Who is making who poor here?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Manze i thought i was the only one who complains about this idea.Why should we pay to read a bloody mag?They ought to consider us who are not in Kenya and know what’s happening in Da Showbiz.
    THIS IS SO ANNOYING we need to be updated.My fridays are now boring and i’m always the last to know what’s gwanning

  22. Anonymous says:

    i am DISSAPOINTED.TOTALLY DISSAPOINTED.How do u guys expect to advertise yourself yet tell uis to pay you?Mnudhi watu wa Standard nowonder others like Nation keep moving foward with mags like BUZZ.You are boring1

  23. slitlelauth says:

    Great, I didn’t heard about that until now. Thanks!

  24. Just wanted to say thanks for this. However, make sure that one person does not dominate the response.

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