Woi woi woi

Can someone sing me that song that goes like……I get so weak in my knees I can bla bla bla……
Why?? I just got word that my childhood sweetheart is moving to England! yaani that jamaa makes me knees weak like how? I thought I was so over him, actually I am but its seems he still has that effect on me. I thought those side effect kufad long time. First the standard want me to pay $54 for my fav mags then this, aawww shucks!!!!!!!
pr-vûrbl *tut *tut
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23 Responses to Woi woi woi

  1. nakeel says:

    Gal i feel for you… you know what wear a courageous face and when you meet dont allow your past overtake the present face the reality of what you have..
    I told you i will try and give some juice from the Pulse.. today they carried the storo on the Celebs behaving badly part two.. Those that were caught having a quickie and you cant guess and the shoplifters and those that slap their galfies in clubs becoz they feel they are flirting you wanna know kina nani will give u the names in pri…
    Then there is a media selected Rugby team with Cess Mutungi leading the Full back while Talia is a Hooker with Italia taking care of the winger.. Ted Josiah manager with the Calif crew wakilisharing… U can guess the cheering squad.. Jairo, Mdomo Baggy… endless…
    Guess have tried…

  2. Prousette says:

    Ok shall I say I envy and not envy you at the same time?
    That Old feeling is to die for (if you are like me) then again your life might just turn upside down and right side up later… these are possibilities; gal possibilities corragio!!!
    @nakeel woi woi quikies and being caught! we shall soon have our own papparazzi.

  3. Guessaurus says:


    I don’t know what it is that you’ve done to me…
    but it’s caused me to act in such a crazy way.
    Whatever it is that you do when you do what you’re doing…
    it’s a feeling that I want to stay.

    ‘Cause my heart starts beating triple time,
    with thoughts of loving you on my mind.
    I can’t figure out just what to do,
    when the cause and cure is you.

    I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak.
    I lose all control and something takes over me.
    In a daze and it’s so amazing, it’s not a phase.
    I want you to stay with me, by my side.
    I swallow my pride, your love is so sweet.
    It knocks me right off of my feet.
    I can’t explain why your loving makes me weak.

    It’s Time after time after time I’ve tried to fight it.
    But your love is strong it keeps on holding on.
    Resistance is down when you’re around, starts fading.
    In my condition I don’t want to be alone.

    I try hard to fight it.
    No way can I deny it.
    Your love’s so sweet.
    It knocks me off my feet.

    I get so weak…
    Blood starts racing through my veins
    I get so weak…
    Boy it’s something I can’t explain.
    I get so weak…
    Something ’bout the way you do
    the things you do ooh ooh, it…
    knocks me right off of my feet,
    off of my feet.
    Can’t explain why your loving makes me weak.

    Oh no, do you have to see him? Well, times have moved on I guess, and maybe he is a different person now. But if you have to see him, like Nakeel said, act cool. He might have a galfie or two in tow and if you are inappropriately behaved you might end up with more than egg on your face!

    I have always asked myself how I would feel if I came face to face with my ‘first’ boyfriend – seriously, I have no clue so Farmgal, rather you than me mate!

  4. kipepeo says:

    @nakeel…thanks u my dear are a lifesaver with the keeping us up to date with the gos!!
    @farmgal…oh, i so know how you feel. everyone has a “the one” that always makes u crumble!

  5. nakeel says:

    @Pros i guess ours will have a sharp eye than the one for the Pulse…
    @Kipepeo Ntime gal….

  6. Blogless says:

    Hey farmgal, when it comes to life, three words for you: never say never. So if both of you are still single, just go with the flow and your destiny shall unveil itself.

  7. Poi says:

    I feel u coz girl this whole week have I been wanting to sing someone -Truth is-Fantasia- so share and am singing that to/with you!

    On saturday after putting everyone on a hassle to find my school sweetie I found him, damn! hehhehe thats a hadithi but damn does it feel good.

  8. Milonare says:


    There are many bila-nguvu-kwa-magotiz up in this here KBW…

    Msijali… Old flames either rekindle if they were meant to be or get exposed for the ash that they are…

    Enjoy the ride, butterflies in stomach, possible loss of appetite til you find out either way… Whichever the case jus know we the KBW blog family got much love for y’all and will be here for you!!!

    And don’t forget to blog about it in detail 😉

    Milo aka PKN (Prop-up for Knees bila Nguvu)

  9. Poi says:

    @Nakeel, thanks for the update u darn done more than just trying. C’mmon arouz of applaude for u girl!

    @Farmgal, the equation, lol to the power of 5!

    @Guess, thanks for the song..

  10. Farmgal says:

    @nakeel a courageous face will not do here its the knees that need to keep still, I wish I knew how to weka them still
    thanks for the pulse update what I dont want to miss is the storo in style kesho “girls about town so if you can do like that ‘asade sana’

    @prousette I honestly dont envy myself right now.

    @guess I really dont have to see him lakini he wants me to help him out. i’m trying to redirect him to some else. I dont know whats up I dont even fancy him anymore *sigh

    @kipepeo Why cant the exe factor just go away and do so for good!

    @blogless with this one I’m going to say never I dont care if I have to hide!

    @poi share the juicy details babes

    @milo will try and keep you posted, imagine hata he hasnt fikad and in am in a frenzy lol

  11. Poi says:

    @Farmgal lol, reunion in check, hol up, details in like 3mnths..lol

    Have a great wknd. I pray tht Angel wear is rocking and picking up well!

    God bless!

  12. nick says:

    good luck rekindling old flames…reminds me of a valentines card that goes like on the top cover “having sex leavs u weak in the knees” the when u open the cover inside it reads “Who needs muscular needs anyway…”

    @gishungwa:thank you for the words..that song takes me back to 93

  13. nakeel says:

    Hey Style is here; Girls about town…THe Truth Revealed: So it starts..Is she prettier than i? funnier than i? Better in bed than i am? Was pete Seeing her before he met me? had they been corresponding before he left? HAd he been cheating on me? How can he be getting married only one and a half months after he left? …..And the girlfriends have come to help her overcome the cry with a bottle of wine with everyone hurling their reasons why they didnt like him and all that….
    Then she sums up promising to revenge and let the guy share the intense pain as she is suffering
    also carried a storo of one bad girl of the radio Caroline mutoko talking about earning big bucks marriage and independece..
    DShe has a word for ladies in the age bracket of 20-30 “Breathe everything happens in its own time,” now i guess your can adopt that girl… the article is damn good…

    Hope i have given some tip atleast…..

  14. Farmgal says:

    @nakeel you are God sent thanks a million, Ihave been following that story forever. keep updating me!

  15. Shiroh says:

    I am so jazzed ati what are you feeling. Wedding bells perhaps…

  16. Irena says:

    Woi I feel ya! Those jitters, anticipation but hope the feelings will have surpassed the years passed by…. Wish you all the fun !!!

  17. sandman says:

    this thing of first loves is treachorous ground. do you know why your first true love is always so special – it’s the first time you ever felt that tingly feeling (you know what I’m talking about) for anyone, tena this was before you knew about breakups and heartache. you were gonna be together forever…pure innocent love.
    be careful cause chances are it’ll never be as good as that first time and you’ve romanticized the memories kidogo. but as long as you’re happy who cares right?

  18. Ms K says:

    LOL ati you don’t care if you have to hide. Trust me, he WILL find you!

    Anyway, the best approach to to wait and see, as long as you both unattached. No need to raise adrenaline levels then you discover there’s nothing there.

    Plus you’re holding something back. Why you say never?

  19. Acolyte says:

    Gal I feel ur pain.How about I get someone back home to be scanning for us as jpgs and i get somewhere to host so that we all can be reading?hit me at my blog if u think it is a plan coz i too miss the pulse sana.

  20. s! says:

    i say! baado hujarecover from dem weak knees ama it’s how?!

  21. KymmBr. says:

    hehehehe…knees like wow? just wait till he fikas then yu will be like…..shaking all over.
    bwaii hope yu two have a ball.

  22. Milonare says:


    Farmgal… Iko mtu nyumbani???

    KBW ain’t the same with out….

  23. nakeel says:

    Farmgal can you move outta da bushes we miss you………….

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