Toddler’s Creed

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15 Responses to Toddler’s Creed

  1. nick says:

    -hey glad to have you back!
    -noww that sounds like soethin i may have written…hee…i’m used to stuff being mine. nick-sharing nick-begs

  2. sandman says:

    So what do you want?

  3. Shiroh says:

    I can see your online, how is business?
    Yeah kids always do that everything is theirs, no sharing.

  4. Prousette says:

    lol! we all know that selflessness is not a trait any one is born with.

  5. Guessaurus says:

    LOL – mine mine mine.
    @Nick – nick-sharing, nick-begs, nick-nicks?
    LOL only child syndrom that!

    @Farmgal – how is the flu going – try and send it back to Turkey before it reaches down south ok? *Kiss*

  6. Poi says:

    Very cute, neat and true. Swwweeett! I should look for it and get it hanged in a nursery for one of my friend’s baby’s.

    Thanks for sharing babes 🙂

  7. Good one!Reminds me why I dont have any kids.Tee hee hee

  8. acolyte says:

    ooops me think its time to retire when i start misreading things like above!

  9. tomas says:

    reminds me of my lil bro who could get away with anything when he was younger but now hahahahaha! he grew up

  10. Ms K says:

    Cute, very cute. How’s biashara girl??

  11. Adrian says:

    i miss those days when things were so easy…

  12. s! says:

    hehe.. thats cute! 🙂

  13. UARIDI says:

    Not just a toddler’s creed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    That creed looks like…

    Wait a minute…

    Its mine, mine, mine!!!

  15. Milonare says:


    Why was I branded anonymous???

    Tha way my blog name is mine!!!

    Kumbe blogger is a toddler too claiming my comments!!

    Signed Milo just in case–>

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