Tuesday 25th could have been a very special anniversary, if only………………………………. But hey thats life!

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9 Responses to 25/10/2005

  1. Guessaurus says:

    Oh, whats up Farmgal! Do I need to light a candle as well.

    Life as we know it, has its twists and turns, and if we knew what lay ahead we would do something to avert the outcome.
    Whatever it is, hope you keep well!

  2. Medusa says:

    I dunno why it still can’t be a special anniversary..esp if it’s still special to you. I won’t speculate, like Guess- I can light one too, If you need it.

  3. nakeel says:

    As you said it gal its life but lets hope that at a cretain time of the year it will come to be a special anniversary..
    Be strong gal..just like Gues and Medusa i can light one too

  4. Couch 'tato says:

    If only?????
    -the candles didnt keep gettin blown out?
    -if only you turned up instead of doing stock taking at the shop?
    -if only he turned up and didnt get lost in directioon

  5. Couch 'tato says:

    damn i hadnt fished…
    -if only he didnt mistake teh romantic ambience for a voodoo witchcraft setting and took to his heels like a bat out of hell(not sayin the ambience resembled hell)

    be strong gal-cest cera cera what ever will be will be..ff it was meant to be it woulda

  6. Farmgal says:

    @guess I think am happy it went the way it did, otherwise who knows what would have happened. Some unwanted

    @Medusa It cant be special due to event in the past. Thanks for that candle.

    @nakeel asante sana. another special one will come my way.

    @c’tato wewe stop speculating. thanks lakini and stop dissing my candles!

  7. Milonare says:

    Woi FGal…

    Be strong…

    Lakini toboa the if only storo chap chap!!!

  8. Adrian says:

    everything that happens, happens for a reason…

  9. Prousette says:

    Since you remember it, it is a special occassion. all the best and keep well.

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