The christmas period

This is going to be a short post!

I chose to spend christmas alone. I was however amazed at how crazy most of my friends thought I was. My mates begged me to go to their digs but I honestly wanted to spend it alone. I enjoyed a quiet christmas and a similar new years eve and day!

In a way I am glad I did. One of my buddies threw a huge bashment where everyone who didnt have anywhere to go was invited. One of my galfriend’s sister came from out of town and spent the whole day and night at that bash. On 27th she was taken home so she could make a dentist appointment. When she finally got home from the dental checkup she sort of felt faint and some guys who were just entering her building drove her back to hosi.
She never regained Consciousness! The hospital managed to get hold of her exe, he made it there just as she was dying. They had a less than two year old daughter who was then taken by social services. Imagine that guy let them knowing that that is actually his child!
Everyone who went to that bash is having sleepless nights and they are all in shock. When the phone call came in, her sister was watching the video from the bash.
Her body will be transported to Kenya in afew days. I’m glad I didnt make that bash coz I would be in a worse of state.

She died of heart failure and she was so young.

On the same day another Kenyan died 30miles from where I live. Since the 27th five kenyans have died in the Uk.

Live a healthy life style this year!

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21 Responses to The christmas period

  1. JoE says:

    i feel so sorry for her.

  2. Prousette says:

    So sorry you ended the year like this but being alone is a times a very good thing…

  3. Wangari says:

    oh my gosh, that is soo sad!!!

    i was going to chide you for spending christmas alone, but this has completely thrown me.

    did you know her??

    i’ll say a prayer for her and her family.

  4. >d® says:

    Holy $hit – excuse my French – that is intense, very sad. Condolences to her family.

  5. cute_angel says:

    that’s really tragic. i’ll pray for her family and friends.

    as for u spending xmas alone, nothing wrong with that. every once in awhile, we all need solitude.

  6. Poi says:

    I’m for solitude too especially in the ocassion every other person wants together you know?

    I feel sorry for the girl who passed away, for her kid and even boyfie and omg 5 kenyans dying that’s something. God have mercy!

  7. SHOBALI says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. May the Lord grant you strength and comfort to see you through.

  8. Farmgal says:

    Joe thanks for stopping by

    Prousette..It was ok and I chose to do it mainly due to transport.

    Wangari Yes I knew her and thats why am glad I never went for that bashment.

    D thanks and your french is excused!

    Cute angel thanks for those prayers she really does need them. I saw her last night and she is in a state.

    Poi Imagine five Kenyans in less than two weeks! Thanks babes!

    Shobali thanks for the prayers

    I went to her house last night and when we were leaving she sort of didnt want us to go. The funeral service is today and the body will be flown to Kenya later tonight. I saw the little girl she is so sweet. She is one and a half and gives the cutest little hugs. It broke my heart! She is clueless as to what is happening and has even started calling her auntie mum. My God she is cute!

  9. nakeel says:

    Happy New year Farm gal.. that was a very sad note to end the year with.
    Condolences to her family..

  10. s! says:

    woi.. that’s tough to hear.

    prayers go out to all their families.

  11. sandman says:

    I can imagine how traumatized everyone must be. It’s really sad how the whole thing happened. Did they say what led to her heart failure?

    **Happy new year and be safe.

  12. the unknown says:

    thats a real sad story. i feel for the family and friends of the girl. ooh and the little kid, bless her heart.anyway ,yeah its sad, also heard ,people dying in uk

  13. Shiroh says:

    I spend Christmas with many people but in reality i am always alone thinking of better things to do.
    Pole for the loss./

  14. akiey says:

    Unfortunate & so sad I am still in shock as I write this.

    I’m glad you’re safe & am glad you know God has you under His wings even as you grieve her passing.
    Be strong FarmG!

  15. My deepest sympathies (sp) to the gal’s family. Sad to hear peeps losing loved ones, esp. when it a time to share.

    As for spending the hols alone, I feel you on that one and that is what I did in 2004. Rented out lots of DVDs and spent it in my room solo. Twas good to have me time.

    Otherwise, have a Blessed New Year gal!

  16. nick says:

    thats so sad…but i hope rumors dont start spreadin ati once u visit a dentist things go haywire…a similar case has been reported here

    Life is short.Very Short!

  17. guessaurus says:

    Farmgal – there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending that time alone – whenever I dont go abroad around xmas, I will spend it alone – just phone family and friends and thats it – its the best time ever, and you all know what I do most of the time right? S.L.E.E.P 🙂

    So sorry to hear about the gal – life is definitely too short and as for the kid – no words there my friend. Innocence is bliss in some cases.

    Hope the rest of the year fares well for you my dear

  18. mshairi says:

    It is incredibly sad to lose somone in that way and at Christmas too. Pole sana.

    Best wishes for 2006, Farmgal.

  19. Farmgal says:

    Thanks for all your comments. The funeral takes place on saturday. The sister is still trying to sort the baby’s living arrangements. Thanks again people!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Without sounding rude, how did you know so many Kenyans died?

    Have I not looked deep enough into this blog


  21. kelitu says:

    hey farmgal
    i know about the gal you are talking about. Her name starts with the letter “T”
    I was very shocked to see her pic in the kenyan newspaper coz we used to be neighbors back in zamunda. I did not know she passed coz of heart failure.
    How is her sister coping?
    keep me in the loop. thanx–>

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