Not again!

Third time this winter and this time round I feel like I got bird flu!

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27 Responses to Not again!

  1. KymmBr says:

    pole. hope yu get well soon. it’s gonna come round some time soon, donn worry, aiight?
    missed ya. hows it going? am back..hit me up some time.

  2. Shiroh says:

    Get well soon and happy BELATED BIRTHDAY

  3. guessaurus says:

    I am staying away from you…

    Electric blanket, weekend, sleep, hot Orange juice.. Sound like a plan?

  4. Pole sana Farmgal. . .wish we could send you some sun from this end:)

  5. Mochachocolata! says:

    uuuuuwwwwiiii! pole chikita! Get Well Soon!

  6. cute_angel says:

    get well soon! don’t worry, spring’s around the corner 🙂

  7. Prousette says:

    You know what to do right? Some serious activity between the sheets. It will be gone in no time.
    Get well soonest!!

  8. nakeel says:

    Get well soon Farmgal and dont rule out dimus (if they are there).

  9. Milonare says:

    Hey FGal

    Bless you *I just heard you sneeze*

    I agree with Prous… I proper session of you know what will have you sorted no time!!!

    Hows de shop?

  10. akiey says:

    Get well soon Farmgal. Rest, rest, & more rest will have you energized in no time.

    PS: Now that Milo made a quick appearance could he clear the air surrounding his non-blogging??

  11. Poi says:

    Dang took so long to get here but at least am here now.

    You dear babe listen to me, lotsa sleep, oranges and hot fluids! I’m saying a prayer for you to be best ASAP!

    Have a most lovely weekend 🙂

  12. Stunuh Jay says:

    OK…Girlfreind, get some vitamin C and drink it like it’s running out of style! I have been cold free for a year…and man free as well, that being said…leave the vitamin C, keep the cold 😀

  13. gishungwa says:

    pole sana baby and do get well soonest.

  14. Oh poor girl, get well soon.

    Tried seven seas?? or Cod Liver Oil??


  15. tomas says:

    pole sana.
    nakutakia afya njema.

  16. kinyi says:

    hope u get better soon! 🙂

  17. Has that cold gone or shall we go to plan B?

    Get well soon.

  18. s! says:

    hehhe, where do you pull out these funny pics from?! get well soon 🙂

  19. Couch 'tato says:

    get well soon is said by people who have never been suggestions

    -go down on your knees and offer a sacrifice
    -remember give up and give in-realise your body aint yours for a while you have no control

    enyewe do get well soon…and i see it was ur bday so belated bday greetings. Live life free

  20. acolyte says:

    pole sana!Take it easy and stay away from the sick ones!

  21. Hope you are not sneezing, wheezing & coughing this valentine’s.

    Happy Valentine’s–>

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