I’m bizzy bizzy at the moment but will be dropping by your blogs.
Not that my blog says alot though!

Blog on KBW!

And you guess-you rock girl!

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11 Responses to Awol!

  1. Milonare says:

    First, numero uno, wa kwanza, achiel!!!

    Yep, its Milo in da hauz!!!

  2. Milonare says:

    Sema FGal

    Ati sasa umenitupa?

    I knew that you’d forget the common blogganchi once the Euros started rolling in to the shop… Sawaz…

    LOLOLOL Jus kidding…

    How is the shop, the ex na kadhalika?

  3. Shiroh says:

    Si unajua wewe ni wetu (urio witu)
    Usitutupe sana (ndugatute muno)

  4. guessaurus says:

    Hey girl, I know you are busy but hey, say something once in a while.

    Hope the biz is doing good 🙂

  5. nakeel says:

    Make those thumuni’s (coins) vilivyo but dont forget the family.
    All the best gal

  6. UARIDI says:

    Waenda wapi? Take care and come back soon.

  7. Instigator says:

    Barcelona 2- Chelsea 1.’nuff said!

  8. Farmgal says:

    Milo I havent ‘thrown you’ your blog crushes my comp nyathiwa!
    Biz is quiet this feb I wish i sold flowers and chocolate! lol

    shiro asante sana wetu wetu

    guess the biz is ok but could do better,cant wait fo rthe sun to come out. pple shop more….

    nakeel lol @thumumunis…

    uaridi still around jst bila the enrgy to blog or even think of trawling blogs at the mo

    instigator you had to go salt my wounds watch out though we still beating those faghaz

  9. nick says:

    i know the feeling but only one of us is allowed to be on hiatusi as milo would sema

  10. Milonare says:


    Please tell Maureen and Abramorouble that soccer is played on grass not on a ploughed field.

    Mna pesa na bado your pitch looks like City Stadium?

    Guys need to vaa gum-boots to play at Stamford bridge!!!

    Nyako, we tugo koda. Thi isom blogna!!!

  11. Where are you going farmgal. Get back here!!!!

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