Of CrossRoads and Hiatuz!

First can I apologise to Milonare for not visiting your blog. I got those threats you left in my previous post in jeng! lol

I am at crossroads in my life, ya’ll know I started a bizness last year. I have been working there six days a week. I love working alone but at times when you’re desperate for a break and can’t have it, it becomes depressing. My mum as some of you may know had a major operation last week and that was especially difficult coz I couldnt be with her as much as I would have loved to. She is now recovering at home and doing very well. I just wish I was able to help her out since the carer I had sorted out had to leave yeasterday.

I am beginning to rethink working alone but when I look at the choices I have (which amount to one) I find myself at crossroads. Ispent such a huge amount of money and have invested alot of time in the biz. On the other hand I feel like one ready to snap! If someone tries to stretch me more than I am already I will snap..honest. Now I can define pressure and probably depression too.

I am considering closing downn and taking a long holiday back in Molo. Yes one month in molo and maybe coast for a week…I have never been there so will be a treat for me.

Those who can pray for me Pray! those who can Hug me by all mean please do!

Before I loose is completely!

am at a public lib so cnt read thru for mistakes so forgive me. I am bila network coz moved house last week. will be back reading your blogs hopefully from a base in molo if not mathare lol

Love you kbw

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24 Responses to Of CrossRoads and Hiatuz!

  1. Milonare says:

    Na usirudie… Tho! Yawa!

  2. guessaurus says:

    Ah farmgal – pole for the pressure and hope mum feels much better soon.

    Peace of mind is more important than any money so if you need to take some time off, you do that.

    I bear hugs and prayers – in equal measure!

  3. akiey says:

    One very caring Farmgal reached out to me last fall & kept reminding me that “God moves the mountains in our lives”, I have since experienced that tenfold.

    Today and for all tomorrows I have you & your fam in my prayers Farmgal & yes, God will surely move all the mountains standing in your way.
    Speedy recovery to your mom:)

    Take care & plz catch my call this weekend:)
    (((((((Major hugs))))))))

  4. nakeel says:

    Many hugz gal stay strong all will be well.

  5. Farmgal, I hope all works out soon for you. May you get the rest you need in Molo or wherever you decide to lay your head for a while.

  6. UARIDI says:

    Always here for you. Remembering you and your mum.

  7. Shiroh says:

    Ooh Farmgal,pole for the stress. Please hire someone we don’t wnt you in Mathare

  8. mshairi says:

    I am sorry to hear about your mum and glad to hear she is well now.

    Take a break – you deserve it.

  9. Poi says:

    This a prayer for things to work for you, for Godspeed recovery to your mom and a holiday for you, soon 🙂

  10. Hey girl, you will be just fine. Have a nice weekend.

  11. Stunuh Jay says:

    Hi, sorry to hear about your Mom. Whatever you decide it’s going to ok. I’ll keep you in my prayers. en courage…

  12. kelitu says:

    I made a cheer song for you:

    Go, farmgal you can do it.
    Go, farmgal you can do it.
    Take a couple of deep breaths, you can do it.
    Go, farmgal YOU CAN DO IT!!


  13. acolyte says:

    Take it easy gal, I will remember you in prayer as you did me.Things will be all good just wait and see….

  14. Am both hugging you and thinking of you. Am glad mum is much better already.

  15. Medusa says:

    Farmgal- Lifting you and yours in prayer..and for peace of mind. As someone who’s been dealing some tough times, I can say I’ve had to work extra hard to stay positive, and keep my head up.
    I truly wish you well,..hang in there hon- It’ll be okay…even this too shall pass.I believe.

  16. Sammie says:

    Hi there. Seens like you are down kabisa. Believe me the only place to go is UP! Keep doing what you do girl, things will fall into place.

  17. Kenyangal says:


    Those are 10 big hugs fom me. Sorry I didnt see your post until today and I hope things are a bit better now but I have just said a prayer for you to find the best direction to take and for God to remove all stresses that are causing you to be depressed. Love you and praying for you

  18. Milonare says:

    Woiye nyathiwa…

    Akoni mos.

    Hope all is well sweetie!!!

  19. Adrian says:

    prayers and hugs from me too.

    and as guess said, if you need to take some time off, you do that. trust me, after dropping everything and going home for two months, i’m feeling much better.

    take care girl.

  20. Wangari says:

    big hug farmgal,

    will pray as well. dont worry though, you will be ok. and a holiday does sound like a good idea. take care of yourself!!

  21. No Farmgal, do not dissapear. We need you.

    WHat do you need us to do, I will jump through fire hoops to help..

    If you need some rest get some always recommended. Thanks for checking on me too.

  22. s! says:

    you take care of yourself, and do what it takes to get back on your feet! our best wishes and hugs with you! 🙂

  23. m says:

    Take heart my dear … most things worth doing tend to be annoyingly difficult at times.

    You’ll manage.

  24. Prousette says:

    Never too late for a hug, no?

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