Just wanted to let you guys know that Mental came to visit..spent sato evening with us, he is such fab company. I offered him water or juice after the ugali dinner …..he asked me the directions to tesco supermarket. Bought a bottle of something hard. I still have the evidence of the damage!
He thinks I am so different from what my blog potrays me to be….I agree. He drove down from manchester with my bro and his chic. I am told all the way he was asking for 411 about me…dengu wewe! He knows afew secrets about now me, if u torture him he might just share.

Everyone was a paparazzi on that day …I want all those cameras ….

He refused to sleep in the bed we had made for him, so did my bro…..I was so tired from partying I dont know where he lalad

He refused to take a shower….said our bathroom was toooo girly…I pity whoever sat next to him on his way back home.

We enjoyed your company Mental and all the girls think the world of you…..we out numbered the men thats why.

Thanks guys for the hugs prayers kisses and kind words left in my previous post. Things have slowed down a bit and am going away for four days. Absolutely looking forward…will be flying to switzerland at the end of this month. The worst part is the flying bit …I hate it but we got to travel dont we?

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20 Responses to BTW

  1. AM in first ta silly in a D-Area. Whooo Haaa. Can you see me somersault… She’s back too…..

    So whats the blog about???

  2. I will tell you where Mental lalad, On Top, hhahahahaa you never so that coming. Did you??

    When I visit I’ll make sure you know exactly where I am, infact you probably just feel me. Welcome back.

    It’s brutal out here.

  3. Farmgal says:

    ndugu jero get out of the gutter kijana….it was no where near me.
    you’ll get a farmgal e-kicking if u’re not careful lol

  4. strawberriesare says:

    Hello stranger, good to have you back and even better that things are looking up for you. What? you met mental cool beans. Please get me some white chocolate when you do go to switzerland. Remain sweet.

  5. nakeel says:

    heey girl all da best at Swiz..
    see u had some whacky time wit Goddad..
    Lovely weekend

  6. Milonare says:

    Mental doesnt shower?

    Haiya… Boss, sikujua. Kumbe it was a good thing I didn’t sit next to him at the KBW meetup LOLOLOL

    Hugs FGal and enjoy Switzerland… Salimia Adrian hukoz!

  7. Adrian says:

    i hope for you that this place is warmer by the end of the month…

    karibu dada!

  8. aiii! lol … si we had an undercover agreement! wacha i unleash all on my blog pia!

  9. guessaurus says:

    LOL Mental I have ammunition – kumbe eh? Farmgal, see me kando, I may fill you in.

    Sounds like you guys had fun, Mental is as cool as a cucumber (tihihi no pun intended)

  10. Mental sleeps standing up, in the rain!
    Take me with you, please! I’ll sleep in Adrian’s bank (si huko Switzerland everyone has his/her own bank?) No?
    Have fun!
    Then come back and gloat about it.

  11. Shiroh says:

    Mental ulilala wapi na kwa nini?
    Ati he didn’t shower!
    Good to hear things have slowed kidogo on your side. Gotea Adrian hukoz.

  12. kinyi says:

    have fun!
    hope the break brings kidogo relief on the stress…and have loads of chocolate! yumm!

  13. Farmgal says:

    hey strawberries mental cool beans? hehee I see the pet names….wil try remember the white chocolate but i may need an address to post it..

    nakeel thanks babe will try have as much fun as possible

    mental..I dont remember us making agreements…u unleash pics and you’re burnt toast

    Milonare…will salimia Adrian though i doubt he lives anywhere near zurich ..but if he does…

    Adrian..I hope so to english weather has gone bananas. Its still snowing in some u live near zurich

    Guess…i will most def see u kando..he is so cool though!

    whissi…I will take you with me, come jump into my suitcase. Adrian ebu tell whissi if he can sleep in ur bank. and while we’re at it can I book a place too!

    shiro…will say hi to him and thanks..

    kinyi..thanks babe will try and pack in as much fun as possible

  14. I will glady provide an address for you. Happy safari.

  15. acolyte says:

    It’s always fun to have guests!Even tho he keeps deleting my comments from his blog, I guess that is what I get for displeasing the powers that be…

  16. ok so whats with the discrimination.
    Some people getting infair treatment like chocolates from the alps. Mail mine to the Uzbec P.O Box 4359. Seal it with a kiss, yeah….

  17. ziwani says:

    Safe safari. Lakini mental where did you lala?

  18. Poi says:

    Hey babes, ope u r having a good one in Switzerland 🙂

  19. Hey Farm Gal,
    Thanks for the well wishes and the invite..if I can help make the meet happen, let me know (yep, even hosing down people who refuse to showie lol)

    Have a safe trip to Switzerland!!

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