One of the ffrogs

What if you went to KBW meet up only to discover than your favourite blogger is not just that, but is also an ex.
Not just an ex but an ex you’d rather not see as long as you live! You know that frog before you met that prince/ss

freaky eh?

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22 Responses to One of the ffrogs

  1. akiey says:

    Then I’d most definitely label them a stalker for assuming an online handle that was used to snoop on me knowing I’ll have my guards down.
    This may be harsh but why not let someone know the ex-factor is also blogging?

    Lemme go run a scan on all chickblogs to see if I can sniff out an ex, an unwanted ex,LOL!

  2. s! says:

    woiye! that really happened ama it’s how?!

  3. Guessaurus says:

    Is it for real? Please do tell… ok probably not here but you know I will be chasing you for gory details.

    That is definitely a nightmare scenario right there… aaaahhhhhhh

  4. Farmgal says:

    I was doing nothing when the thought came to mind.
    it didnt and hoping it never happens to me.

    wewe S! see what you started!

  5. Jezebelle says:

    Question – did he know who U were under your blog identity ?
    If so, then thats scary…if not just creepy ( Ive had my share of stalkers )
    Then again, even though he is your ex – kinda goes to show what U saw in him before he became an ex… which in a twsited kinda way is not necessarily a bad thing

  6. acolyte says:

    Damn I thot it was for real I was waiting for the dirt!

  7. Shiroh says:

    It could happen but most of the time you would know it. You are talking about an ex right?

  8. Milo says:


    Just tell us… Stop denying… Nani is this that you discovered had made an e-comeback lakini you werent feeling them face-to-face, ana-kwa-ana….

    Tuambie FGal, tuambie!!!

  9. Farmgal says:

    it was just a scary thought.. thats all!

  10. Prousette says:

    I would take off. Kabisa!

  11. nakeel says:

    Never see me again in this.
    But why are you in that denial gal… hihihihi

  12. Adrian says:

    tell, please do tell.
    or at least a slight hint.

  13. Mama Mia says:

    calls for some serious rethinking about why you broke up in the first place 🙂

  14. Mocha! says:

    LOL…..freaky indeed?

  15. spicebear says:

    good lord! that would prove that this world is indeed too small … woi njezus. ok, now that that is out of the way, spill the beans 😀

  16. Stunuh Jay says:

    and faint dead away… and hope that there’s a dr in the house who could prescribe Kenyatta Hospital, and a very fast mkokoteni

  17. nick says:

    LOL FGAL…and there u have been flirting away callin each other names and u appear buffet park and voila..there is your ex and ur current and …it could get worse

  18. nick says:

    LOL FGAL…and there u have been flirting away callin each other names and u appear buffet park and voila..there is your ex and ur current and …it could get worse

  19. I am sorry F-Gal, I didn’t know we were gona meet. LOL!

    Matters of the heart are complicated my dear.

    Are you all rested and recharged from the skiing and partying? I am waiting for those crisp Swiss francs.

  20. WHAT? Not cool. have a nice weekend girfriend.

  21. Ms K says:

    Ti hi hi I’d prolly faint. Or fake fainting. I agree with Mama Mia, would definitely have to rethink reasons for breaking up.

    Kairetu, haven’t been here in a while. Hope everything’s looking up. Hugs!

  22. Magaidi says:

    I’d rethink the whole blog wars concept.

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