What a break!

I finally went for my long awaited break to Switzerland…..
I’ll wont floss about anything but allow me to tell you that I had such a good time! it started off with my long journey to heathrow where i waited for around five hours….I was late in booking my transport to heathrow so was forced to take the ealier national express.
The worst part of the whole break was the flying part. Unlike Guess I absolutely hate take offs and landing. I get so nervous the people around me can tell, they even give me a sorry look but I’d rather they let me squeeze their hand instead.

Landed at zurich and found my host waiting, that was good for a change. Normally when I fly anywhere I have to find my way to the address given. It is an adventure but was really nice seeing a friendly face especially coz me no speak German or French By the way whats with the Swiss? They dont have their own lingo they borrow afew from their neighbours. I was reading through a tour guide on the plane and I found out that they speak German, French, Italian and Romanian etc etc. The first two are widely spoken but my question is, how do they tell if you can speak either of the two. I found it quiet interesting

I would move to switzerland, infact I dont know why I came to England in the first place. That country is clean and the cost of living isnt as bad as over here. I fell in love with it and will most def be going back.

Being the lazy me (read am no tourist) I only managed to do Zurich, Bern and Beil….kwanza when is the last time you ever saw a Bata shop? Imagine they have those in Switzerland! Ihad to take pictures. honestly I couldnt believe what I was seeing.

kbw moment….I met the very sweet Adrian…..ladies and ehhh gents Adrian is the bomb. I spent an afternoon with him and his kenyan friends. I witnessed a taquilla drinking ritual (I have pics but unfortunately cant share them) They treated me like a queen….thanks Adrian…see I promised not to post your pic!

Sorry I dont have much more to say, I am still tired from all the late nights and hard partying!

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25 Responses to What a break!

  1. Guess says:

    Lovely pics Farmgal – first off, you met the lovely Adrian – that is waaaayyy coool – you sound like you had a blast. And yes, I could do takeoffs a million times over – the acceleration, feeling the G forces (or equivalent in a ‘normal plane’pulling the plane – the engines groaning under the thrusts – hmm, just the thing. I dont care much for Landings though.

    Next time you are going to Switz, I am coming with you – just to see.

    We need more pictures, even sneak ones since we are suckers for them.

    Glad you had time to off to take your mind off things and relax – I need one of those.

  2. Farmgal says:

    G babe I will most def take you with me. Now I know my way around and can almost understand German. Switzerland rocks!

  3. Yea, you’re back, “Bata viatu vyia bata” Am glad you had a good time whenever you’re good and ready will do the necessary exchange so that I may get my chocolates sawa :D?. Talk about pressure.

  4. Shiroh says:

    Leave Adrian alone, share some pics. Good you enjoyed your trip. But that Bata doesn’t look as flambo as ours!

    Sounds like you had fun gal

  5. Prousette says:

    The pic with bata should have a “what is wrong with this picture” answer the bata coz really you would not think of seeing it where it is.
    Do they sell bata shoes in the store?

  6. Mocha! says:

    WAAAA….thanks for sharing!

    At first I thought you were back in jamu. Then, I saw the ratio of jungus to nyeuthis was lacking….figured you were somewhere that sells Bata shoes or just a store with the brand name.

    Besides, I have never seen a Bata shop, even in Kenya. So, that pic is off the hook.

    Glad you enjoyed your time in Swiss’ and meeting Adrian.

  7. Milonare says:

    Ebu post those pics of Adrian chap chap!!!

    And tell all the details of what went down after the tequilla session…

    Iko juicy juicy storos FGal? Toboa tena speedy speedy!!!

    Aie yawa nyathiwa!!! Wadwaro ng’eo!!

  8. Adrian says:

    it was nice meeting you too farmgal and i hope you enjoyed your stay in switzerland.

    bata-info for the interested: they sell all types of shoes there, including kina nike and other brands (don’t know whether they have actual “bata” shoes – like “ngoma” or “bata bullets”)

    farmgal: don’t fold under the pressure to post pics. otherwise mine are also going up 🙂

  9. Stephen Bess says:

    Nice pictures, Farmgal. I have to make it to Europe one day soon. It will be a first time for me. I’ll be back.

  10. Poi says:

    Great pics!(show a sista how to work a camera would ya?)

    Nice to take a holiday, glad you had a great one girl. Yanni mpaka the words are screaming out loud, like see we had a good one! LOL

    Met Ad? Nice, I know he a good dude, so I’m sure you 2 had a good one!

    Nice to have to you back :0

  11. nakeel says:

    Did u pop in that Bata shop and amuakd with ngoma ya bata? Lol

    Glad you had some blasting moments with Andy hebu share the pics in sneaky

  12. SO am assuming you are back now. Great stuff. Thanks for the chocolates too.

    Hey, have a great weekend farmgal.

  13. And you must also be the proud owner of some new sandaks and bata bullets ready for back to work.

  14. Farmgal says:

    strawberries uuuii you’ll hate me. I brought chocolate and my friends have kulad. Adrian please help me out here. si u sort straws for me…please..

    shiro I left Adrian alone..well with his friends I think…I had a good time babe, thanks for asking.

    Prousette I saw afew shoes with the bata label but I also saw other labels so its not strictly bata shoes

    mocha …wewe wacha, you’ve never seen a bata shoe shop even in kenya? you to go to swiss then…holiday and see bata..

    milonare there’s nothing to tell…honest. I wish I could post those taquilla drinking pics lakini Adrian might post mine in his blog. and Isaw you were campaigning fo mine to go up at his….abo goi sani sani

    Adrian thanks for the drinks and for introducing me to ur pals. hebu tell J’ what I told…I need feedback!
    when and if u ever come this sides I will revenge…

    stephen thanks for stopping by…you should men…its nice to travel. infact go crazy and do africa if u havent been…I recommend kenya

    Poi come for lessons …lakini its easy just aim and flash heheh
    I agree Adrian is a good jamaa his crew also rocks!

    nakeel trust me I was checking out the shoes like an inspector, lakini didnt see any ngomaz

    ndugu jero yes am back and I had a blasting time…eeeehhh what chocolate..hata wewe!
    have a nice weekend too. i was looking for some back to school for ol’ time sakes but bilaz

  15. From looking at the pic, the question that begs to be asked is – DO THEY STILL MAKE NORTHSTAR ??

  16. Farmgal says:

    honestly devious one I dont remember northstar. the only thing that immediately comes to mind when I think of Bata ni zile adverts of back to school….I used to hate them like a nonsense!

  17. hey! great to hear you had fun.. switzerland is definitely on the list of places to go.. and not just cos of the Bata.. hehe!

  18. Adrian says:

    looking forward to the “revenge” – i’ll let you know next time i’m those sides…

    chocolate wishes: we’re looking into this – our people will get back to you as soon as possible

    about j: tutaangalia…

  19. nick says:

    haiya this calls for “meet-up posy” na mutigishonoka chap chap get cracking and reveal and Adrian shoud do too

  20. tomas says:

    I saw BATA
    just hollaring

  21. LEGAL KENYA says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  22. Shiroh says:

    Farm Gal yaani that is called Kikuyu English

    I meant Wachana na Adrian and show us the pics. Kuuga atiriri tigana na Adrian utuonie mbica. Umenyita

    Ooiyee sio hivo ulichukulia

  23. Farmgal says:

    S! you got to go there it rocks!

    nick there’s bila nothing to reveal…your kiuk is improving..taking lessons?

    adrian thanks for sorting those chocolate pple

    tomas hey! thanks for stopping by

    shiro nilikuwa nimenyita…mi speaking kikuyu engrish too

  24. Back to blogging girlfriend.

    Get moving.

  25. Ms K says:

    Re-u-e I'[ve been waiting on those pics so that we suss out that Adrian hottie bana!–>

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