Only in Europe

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17 Responses to Only in Europe

  1. Mocha! says:


    Kweli only in Europe. The other day I saw a three piece suite perfectly new out on the street. Ati peeps are remodelling their homes….so out with the old, in with the new. Spring cleaning kweli!

    Ala….am fao! YIPPPPEEE!

    Have a lovely Easter gal!

  2. @Farmgal

    Congratulations on getting nominated!! kwanja are you by any chance putting in an appearance at this yearโ€™s Rugby, if you do win, the cold fantas are on you..
    Have a nice Easter break

  3. I say keep the tube and whatever paraphenelia came with it !
    My aforementioned buddy Truphena’s apartment happens tp be near the trash receptacle and shes gotten enough stuff that people throw out in the name of old !

  4. Digz guy says:

    And u fell for it?……
    Expect the cops sometime soon!!!

  5. @ Digz…..if cops show up at her door we then know who the informant is ….

  6. Farmgal says:

    mocha it sure is spring! Happy Easter to you too galfie…

    Dangerously…nominated where..I wish!
    Happy Easter babe

    devious one Its only in the murimos…I think I should hook tru up she may need a new telly.

    Digz …I didnt take the thing…it kaad there for like four days then vamush it was no more.

  7. @ Farmgal

    Allow me to explain the faux pas, see the thing is internet has been kaziwad at work so i quickly copied and pasted the kaybee nominations on Word skimmed through and saw what i could have sworn was ur name and in my excitment that a UK blogger had received a nod i came quickest to say congrats..alaa..never mind id still vote you blogger id most like to meet

    Have a nice weekindi!!

  8. Farmgal says:

    Ms K your comment was ‘eaten’ by blogger!
    unless I want him to post my pichaz .. …eh…then no babe!

  9. Poi says:

    Happy Easter!

  10. nakeel says:

    True only in Europe…
    Happy Easter gal …

  11. akiey5 says:

    One (wo)mans’s dirt is another (wo)man’s treasure!!

    Only in Europe (and Amerika) for sure! I’ve seen all sorts of good, still new stuff dumped esp in my area just because university students are headed home for the 3.5 months summer break!!

    A suburb not too far from here always has good quality cars parked close to the sidewalk with For Sale signs on them….when you ask owners why they sell them reason given is “the 2007 model is out & am getting this weekend, this one’s gotta go!”

  12. akiey5 says:

    So it’s right to assume you got an extra Tv with a glass door stand in your crib,right? Am packing my Dvds & stuff to gatecrash your diggs. Hebu prep hizo njugu karanga, bisi & maji ya matunda, we’re on our way FarmGal!

  13. Couch 'tato says:

    I’m emailing you right now on what to do with these gadgets. Embrace them Own them be one with them…

    Remember its now yours si mali kwa mali…

  14. Stunuh Jay says:

    My College furniture was completely second hand (ok trash hand) very good top quality stuff… pays to be poor in the better burbs!

  15. So did you take it? Or did you just take the picture and leave to BLOG about it.

    The Kyuk in me is annoyed right about now if you did not URA na Bumps with these goodies.

    Ciakorire wacu mugunda. They say.

    Go – Findings!!

  16. haha, si Europe pekee.. this student apartment of mine has almost been fully-furnished thanks to neighbours!!

  17. Stephen Bess says:

    Trash or treasure? ๐Ÿ™‚

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