Two days to go

Chelsea v Liverpool to be played at Old Trafford on Saturday 22 April

Bring it on!!!

Mental utasoma label!

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6 Responses to Two days to go

  1. I am in numero MOJA – OK tough match but I have to go with LIVERPOOL.

    Am an ARSENAL fan, but will root for Liverpool on this one.

    So are you going to watch on your newly acquired colour TV? Hope you watch the whole match before it goes off. Or maybe switch it off during ad’s & at halftime.

    Be good.

  2. Adrian says:

    why at old trafford?

    (maybe it’s obvious for those on the island, but for me it isn’t…)

  3. Such insolence.
    Wewe first of all you should address us as Liverpool FC (WWI5T)
    Secondly how dare you mention the Mighty Liverpool (WWI5T) in the same sentence as those muppets Chelski. We are going spank your muppet team of cartoons, we are going to spank that muppet of manager of yours called Maureen.

    @Adrian … the very dim bright sparks at the FA decided that FA cup Semi-Finals should be held at neutral venues. As they want to maximise revenue they tend to go for the easiest accessible large grounds available. Usually Villa Park and Old Trafford a.k.a The Theatre of Nightmares. You could play LFC (WWI5T) –v- Chelski anywhere on this planet and it would sell out so we got the bigger venue. Muppets. On the bright side at least Old Trafford will get to see good quality football for once. Us LFC (WWI5T) fans will be wearing gloves as we do not want to get contaminated.

  4. nakeel says:

    The Reds kabisa.. Coping Blues mtakiona….’

    Lovely weekend gal

  5. akiey says:

    Am so out of loop with British football since I got here I would just say may the better team win.

    Farmgal, that snack & juice on me, sawa? Just don’t cheer yourself hoarse:)

  6. Hi pole sana for jana but loved it. We at Arsenal can havea laugh. Look out Man-U might be on you for the League title.
    Anyway Arsenal Damu

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