You know I had to!

We have bagged it again, and in style too!

Chelsea 3 Man useless 0

Sack the Dandora chief!

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10 Responses to You know I had to!

  1. What do you mean your team beat my team FarmGal? We just let the Blues have it easy this year…yeah right,lol!

    Congrats chungu nzima & go have a grand party!

  2. mocha! says:


    Sawa FG, you chukuad the kikombe this year. Next season wacha we see if you will still be on top and who will be the useless ones then.

    Since sijui the 50s, ni saa hii Chelsea are on top of their game…..teams like Man Unique, Arsenal and Liverpool have years to show for their prowness. Ni pesa tuu ndio inaongea with you peeps.

    Bring on 06/07!

  3. Udi says:

    baaaby, yaani u r hating and we decided that you will switch to Man U so we can have another thing in common

  4. nakeel says:

    Wewe wewe no wonder you gave our Rooney Boy an injury ndo tusifunge…
    U had it the last time.. ooh by the way toss kabisa…

  5. mocha! says:

    ooohhhh….did I forget to mention I am Man U all the way?

    Take note!

  6. Farmgal says:

    akiey yeah right!

    Mocha at least u admit we playing good, unlike man useless. bring it next season sawa mrembo?

    udi I didnt know u were a man useless hooligan lol

    nakeel u had to make excuses…lakini si u know premiership is not about the one match. pole babe

    mocha afadhali uvuke sakafu!

  7. Msanii_XL says:

    FG..enjoy the win…wachana na hawa man useless fans..lhe he he (If there is a team I hate in ANYSPORT..its Man U)

  8. Sawa, you can have that one, besides Arsenal had it for so long it was boring. Enjoy and fell like champs just the way we do.

    Hope you are ok.

  9. Adrian says:

    what are your boys doing may 17th?
    you know i had to say that 🙂

    congrats on the title!

  10. mwangi says:

    now this is one disgusting sight!!!

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