Where is God when it Hurts?

I’m reading this book ‘where is God when it hurts’ by Philip Yancey. I have found it to be very insightful. It was recommended by my friend the kenyananalsyt and now I recommend it to you. If you’r going through any kind of hurt be it physical or psychological , this book is for you. If you have a relative who is hurting in any way, again this book is for you!

I have taken a couple of exracts just to wet your apetite….mind this book is from a christian perspective.

“However deep the pit, God’s Love is deaper still”

Why do relationships break when a couple encounters a crisis like illness?

“When a couple encounters a crisis, it magnifies what’s already present in the relationship. Since Claudia and I happened to love each other deeply, and had worked on open communication, the crisis drove us to each other. Feeling of blame and anger against each other did not creep in. The crisis of illness merely brought to the surface and intensified feeling already present.”

According to John the best way to prepare for suffering is to work on a strong, supportive life when you’re healthy. You cannot suddenly fabricate foundations of strength; they must have been building all along.

The above extract got me thinking about my relationship with God. When I encounter crisis do I suddenly withdraw from Him or do I draw closer to Him?
This book will get you thinking and it will blow your mind. Please please read it. It will help you know what to say and what not to say when visitng the sick in hospital or even when dealing with a sick relative.

Let me not preEmpt the whole thing!

read 1 corinthians 13

“How do I help those who hurt?” The answer is “how do I Love?”

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14 Responses to Where is God when it Hurts?

  1. UARIDI says:

    Hey Girl, thank you for this one. I have learnt that God is always closest to you when you hurt. We only have to stop screaming for Him (like the baby wailing for mummy who is holding him)and listen to His whispers of love and comfort.

    God bless you

  2. ill be looking out for the book, i love that chapter, i think its the most beautiful love poem ever written.

  3. Prousette says:

    Bless your soul farmgal, that was inspiring. I too wonder, like most people where is the man upstairs looking when some things happen. It is very hard to feel his presence let alone acknowledge it.

    Have a lovely Weekend!

  4. Great post, all we also need to remember is that by getting hurt we learn too and it could be God’s way of teaching us. He can be mean too, just to teach you a lesson

    Tough love in most cases breeds good results eventually.

    Nice weekend, farmgal.

  5. Farmgal says:

    uaridi He is in the still small voice. isnt He?

    home to find thank u for stopping by. please try and get ur hands onto that book. Its life changing!

    prousette babe tafuta that book. Where was God when Jesus was on the cross? thats a good question to ask ourselves.

    ndugu jero God is not mean He never is. he is a Father, thats what He is. Loving and Kind!

  6. Stephen Bess says:

    “It will help you know what to say and what not to say when visitng the sick in hospital or even when dealing with a sick relative.”

    That’s good to know because it’s always difficult to know what to say. Good post. Have a great weekend!

  7. sandman says:

    I too find that I withdraw from God when I’m in crisis. I’ve never fully understood why but it just doesn’t feel right to run to him only when I have problems. Will tafuta this book maybe I can learn a thing or two.

  8. Poi says:

    Sounds very teaching, si you ship it over once done? no jus kidding will try get a hold of one

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Jeff Msangi says:

    I am on the run to the closest bookstore.Thanks for the suggestion

  10. nick says:

    ebu get me a copy chap chap

  11. nakeel says:

    Pass it sista pass it

  12. Farmgal, I hear you – God is kind & loving but he can teach you a mean lesson for the better. Remember all those testing moments for Moses, Job, Lazarus & even Jesus his only son.

    Believe me, I have experienced it myself. Did someting wrong and he came down on me hard, and I had to learn my lesson and realize not to do that.

    Surprise Surprise, BJ knows his bible and has some faith. Yes, sista, I do and it’s the reason I’m where I am, couldn’t be without him. Praise him always.

  13. Phillip Yancey would come to you as someone who, like all of us on this side of eternity, has wrestled with the vexing questions of pain and pleasure. Like Farmgal, I certainly would recommend the book she has suggested to anyone and everyone, – Christian or not. There are other interesting books by him that I would suggest you add to your personal libraries: SEEING GOD IN UNEXPECTED PLACES, DISAPPOINTMENT WITH GOD, THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW, SOUL SURVIVOR, WHAT IS SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE? (5 titles in all…though there are others by the same author). You will also do well to lay your hands on John Bunyan’s acclaimed allegory, THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS. While you are it, do recall the words in Job 23:10. Sambaza the stuff you learn to your friends and relatives….and certainly don’t be shy to recommend the same books to others! I pray you experience the saving, cheering, healing and guiding presence of Jesus Christ in all you are about. Blessings! Jesse.

  14. mama mia says:

    nice quotes. putting it on my reading list.

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