Hay Fever

Its that time of the year again!
I recently discovered that Honey
gives you instant relief. Its been
working for me, just a teaspoonful
of honey and am good to go.

Try it!

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10 Responses to Hay Fever

  1. Guessaurus says:

    Hey Farmgal – that sounds cool – I have been sneezing like a tractor as well, especially with the gusty winds.

    Seems the bees knew a thing or two, seeing as I havent heard any sneeze LOL 🙂

  2. Shiroh says:

    I love honey. It takes away my throat issues (wachana na vicks kingo) almost immediately.

    Keep sweet

  3. Movie Buff says:

    I feel ur pain. and then all those allergy meds do NOTHING for me. I shall be trying the honey thing!

  4. UARIDI says:

    Nice to know!!! Glad hayfever will no longer control you and your enjoyment of these brief days of sunshine.

  5. Daktari says:

    In lieu of night time cold medicine…try ( guess I hope U tried it as adviced )

    2 tablespoons of honey
    1 slice of lemon
    1-2 shots of brandy
    hot water

    U drink that before u go to sleep and u shall sleep like a baby and wake up feeling much better !

    maumivu yakizidi…well Ure fcuked then !

  6. What a great tip!! my sister suffers from it..oh and a little tip from me, if you can avoid the supermarket honey, its mainly sugar, buy the manuka honey from holland and barret, its the best honey in the market, i use it for facials and stuff, its gr8!!

  7. guessaurus says:

    At Daktari – used and abused it, and got results.

    PS: our gal here doesnt do ‘the hard stuff’ so you might wanna leave out the brandy LOL
    Ama aje Farmgal?

  8. Nakeel says:

    sweet talk me I give you the pure unprocessed one. Have grown with honey and I know its the best medicino.
    How u gal?

  9. honey gives me hives :-(ktyhdofe

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