Is my neighbour dead?

Guys I think one of my neighbours has died in her flat. No one has seen her for over a week and there is very bad adour coming from under her door.

We have reported this to the city council, who have done nothing about it so far. I am thinking I should call the police or something. We were talking to the other neighbours about it but they reckon her pet might have died, and that she might have gone away.

will keep you posted….

Right now am kinda scared of even going past her door. What is it with the dead that scares me?

I went to see Kenya play rugby at Twickenham on the weekend. will post pics by tomorrow. might I just say that am very proud of those boys. I sang my heart out!

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10 Responses to Is my neighbour dead?

  1. Prousette says:

    that is a scary situation right there. I hope she is not dead though.

  2. Mocha! says:

    WWWOOOOIIII…..pole to hear about your neighbour. I hope it turns out to be her pet or just food gone bad.

    As for Rugby….I was there too! How come we did bump into each other. LOL!!! We need to have a discussion. tihihihihi!

  3. Nakeel says:

    Hope its not what you people are fearing it is.. May the puzzle be solved soon.
    Lovely weekend

  4. jp says:

    quite scaring, do keep us posted. hope for the best.

  5. Guessaurus says:

    I swear when I read that I giggled – I am totally scared of the dead, I wouldnt know what to do!
    I think they are dead – them and the pets too.

    Okay on a very serious note I have a fight with you – you know why and you know what! For once let peace not prevail.
    Nyona kando 🙂

  6. Movie Buff says:

    A scene straight out of CSI… creepy…….

    Hoping for the best

  7. mshairi says:

    Hi Farmgal, I think the best thing you could do is to please call the Police. Dont call 999 – call your local station (or perhaps Community Police if there are any where you live or even Neigbourhood Watch). They will not mind and it will put your mind at ease.

  8. Farmgal says:

    please could someone post the html for poting pics am trying to upload the rugby pics lakini blogger is playing up.

    will get back to you all about the situation with my neighbour who is not dead by the way.

    we called the boys in blue jana.

  9. Shiroh says:

    Keep us posted.–>

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