Rugby pics

They may not be the best lakini had to share….mocha those Tees you chics were selling are sawa!
Nonini is in the first pic
my mates and I in the third last one.

I am so proud to be Kenyan. I still have this fuzzy feeling in me. All brought about by the energy the cheering fans put into it.
Met some people I havent seen for like five years too!

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13 Responses to Rugby pics

  1. kelitu says:

    wow! nice to see all wana raia out and about. Seems you guys had tons of fun!

  2. the unknown says:

    gud, was there too, and went for the afterparty in twilight. kenyanz didnt know could quiet the whole stadium with cheering. bow down to us

  3. Irena says:

    Nice!! , very colorful event 🙂

  4. Grooove says:

    I was there too and I guess I saw you, was a pretty good day. I was at Twilight, Nice pics.

  5. Guessaurus says:

    Farmgal, You know I will never forgive you for this, right? Ok! that sorted, lets see what else.

    I can see your beaming smile off those pictures without being ‘pointed out’

    I would have loved to be there, it sounds and looks absolutely amazing, what a blast for a weekend.

    *sniff sniff*

    Glad you had a fantastic weekend, oh and your neighbour isnt dead

  6. mocha! says:

    WWOOOIIII….imagine am trying to figure out which one is you. Lakini I have an idea. Those Tees are for my new buddy called Kiboko….he designs under KIBOKO 084. I also asked him to do one for me with Mocha on it…look out for the pic.

    Aki I am still recovering from the effects of the weekend…..why lie, it was the bomb!!! Nice pics….mine will be up soon!

  7. gishungwa says:

    you must have had a ball. good for oyu and great pics

  8. Acolyte says:

    I can see ya’ll had a ball!Talk about mwenjoyos!

  9. Ojay says:

    still cant believe I missed out on the fun that Sato. went out shopping for Sato outfits Friday night with a buddy of mine, stayed up till around 3 a.m. trying out what we had bought. come next morning, coulnt get up! Bad throat, bad head, bad chest, terrible cold, in short, just couldnt go to watch the match. Still kicking myself for that. Good to know Farmgal and my buddy had maximum fun. Will be there next year.

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  11. Nakeel says:

    Better late than never Lovely lovely pics. wonderful job gal

  12. jp says:

    nearly a month after, i am still doing optical gymnastics on those pics! wondering. nice selection.

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