Welcome to My New Place

I'm excited about moving here. I was kinda tired of looking at my previous blog.

Karibuni sana and feelanga free to comment when you can. Am still working on the links though and any input by yourselves will be appreciated.


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12 Responses to Welcome to My New Place

  1. Shiroh says:

    Beautiful Home.

    Hey Shiro thanks  

  2. anon says:

    try using the opml link found on the main aggregator page – works like magic

    Maitha you 'magician'  help me sort the link. I want the ones at the bottom to come juu then blogroll kujaz

    chini .. shukrani

  3. farmgal says:

    thx Maitha it worked like magic!

  4. anon says:

    indeed !

  5. msaniixl says:

    Nice crib I like it..

    Thx Msaaknee 

  6. Guessaurus says:

    Wow, new home as well? Glad to be a visitor.
    I love you too, babe. Will talketh to you soon 🙂

     Kairetu am waiting for your answer. Its this sato


  7. Poi says:

    Kudos on your home, it's BEAUTIFUL!

    Thx gal 

  8. Ms K says:

    Nice!! I'm liking.

    Thx Ms Lisa it way cooler than blogspot! 

  9. Mocha! says:

    Karibu to this neck of the woods. Sasa we can exchange notes…..LOL!

    I think you can teach me lots…going by ur blog .. 

  10. jp says:

    nicely done, i like it. and a very spiritual ‘about’.

  11. ndesanjo says:

    Hongera kwa nyumba mpya.

  12. akinyio says:

    very nice place I like the colours makes for a nice vybe! MzuriSana!

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