I love you. why don’t you do something?

I have loved you for a very long time, Why don’t you show me you love me?

I have sat here waiting, waiting for you to call. I have watched the phone for hours,

waiting for it to ring or even beep.

I know you’ve told me countless times that you love me, but is telling enough?

I need you to show me that you love me. If you truly loved me, you’d express

it in some sort of action.

I wish you would call me, buy me flowers, give me chocolate, spend some quality

time with me.

Do something that you know is my love language. You know what it is.

Time, yes quality time is my love language. I don’t care so much what we’ll do when we are together.

All I want is time with you. I want to tell you things that you know not about, my plans for you and me.

How could I do that if we never talk?

I sit here in tears and an aching heart, wondering why you will not call me. If you’re reading this, I need you to call me.

We can’t be lovers if we don’t talk. We can’t lie to the world that we love each other, if we don’t know each other well.

love is giving, give me abit of your time. Am not asking for much am I?

Please call me!

two beautiful hands

I was lying in bed and I heard God speak to me. Please call Him, spend time with Him. He is longing and waiting. I heard His voice and I saw His anguish.

love you guys

Be blessed.

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12 Responses to I love you. why don’t you do something?

  1. sokari says:

    Hi have added your new blog feed – would you mind adding a link to the Aggregator? The address is

    African Women Reblog

    Thanks very much and please spread the word –

  2. kenyangal says:

    Very touching poem!! At first i thought it was a girl writing to a boy so i understood what she felt, now i can see it from God’s point of view

  3. Nakeel says:

    Touching it is gal. Lovely one.
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Nick says:

    ebu u call him

  5. Stephen says:

    If we could just do what we’re told. We are God’s children, but just like any child we don’t usually follow the wisdom of our heavenly father until there is trouble. Very nice and inspirational. Thanks.

  6. As I had left my comp on through the night, I just read your message asking me to elaborate on the comment above. Nothing much really, just that I found it interesting that you had so well used figurative language and metaphors to describe a spiritual truth. It’s something I find interesting throughout the Bible and other published works on my faith.

  7. s! says:

    and God bless you too 🙂

  8. Udi says:

    Very nice. how is u?

  9. BJ says:

    Great site, Farmgal. This is definately an upgrade.

    I love you back, perhaps I need to show it more often.

    Hahaha have a good weekend girl and watch some football.

  10. Stunuh Jay says:

    I’m with Nick on this one, unless you want to go stark raving mad ( and join the club of batty females, which reminds me, no room left on rht executive committee so you’ll have to settle for just being a regular batty female!) JUST CALL ALREADY!

  11. Shiroh says:

    Nice one Gal. And God is great, you just have to talk to him and he will show you the way. Bless you mightily

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