Dear Daddy

Its the 31st today. 24 years ago on this day I did not think you would be shot the day after. Tomorrow will be 24years since you left mum, sis, bro and I. I feel that I should write you an open letter just to let you know how we are doing. This is written in a rush so don’t mind spelling and grammar for today.

First can I say I miss you very much…around this time of the year I feel every emotion that you can imagine. I am trying so hard to keep the thoughts happy ones. Remember the way you used to carry me on your shoulders at the show ground? And the many times you let me sit on your lap as you drove..I admired you dad! Maybe thats why I love a bit of speed and thrill on the road.

Oh just want to tell you that Raila and his croonies plotted the whole coup thing that led to your death. He has written a book about it. He will not be procecuted coz as you know Moi was finally chucked out. I wish he would say sorry to the many families that lost loved ones. Daddy I wish he would just take a minute and say he is sorry that I grew up without you.

One thing I have been thinking of is the lots of ice cream that you used to buy me. I tried all different colours coz you were my daddy. You ignored mummy when she said I would get sick. A few times I got bad colds but I can not complain, I loved all the ice cream you bought.

I haven’t seen you in a few years. Just want to let you know that am coming to see you at the end of august. I hope your grave is well taken care of, although I very much doubt that. I dont know what to bring you….oh …maybe I can bring you some ice cream and flowers.

Next year will be 25 years since you were shot ruthlessly and left to die in some ditch. I want to do something special, just for you. Put on your best smile coz we’ll all be coming to see you. We havent seen you as a family for years daddy, we are sorry about that.

Daddy I just want to say that I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I am trying not to cry because am writing this from a public place. Thats why most of it is jumbled up but am sure you understand how I feel right now.

 I love you daddy!!

Your daughter

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28 Responses to Dear Daddy

  1. udi says:

    that was deep. sorry sana about ur loss

  2. Irena says:

    Keep the good memories alive!

  3. kelitu says:

    I TOTALLY feel you gal. Stay strong.

  4. acolyte says:

    Pole sana, dont forget the few precious memories you have of your dad.Once again, pole sana.

  5. ciiku says:

    Pole Chille. I cannot begin to imagine your loss. I am sure your Dad is proud of the wonderful person you have turned out to be.

  6. spicebear says:

    i have been moved to tears, this was simply beautiful. it’s important to remember the good times.

  7. akiey says:

    This would be the quickest comment I ever wrote bcoz if I make it long I’ll get drenched in tears.

    I feel for you & the family and I pray that your visit in Aug is a joyous one. I wish you peace, lots of it. Wear a smile & take flowers on that day.

    Stuff you mentioned here is more the reason I fail to understand anyone celebrating the carnage in the MidEast, they must never have experienced loss courtsey of a bullet. I was there as it happened in 82, lived less than 5miles from the KAF fence. I know, I saw, I still remember.

    Hugs Farmgal.

  8. feel you gal
    your dad must be so very proud
    keep his dreams alive

  9. Ms K says:

    Hugs Farmgal.

  10. halfkenyahalfsudan says:

    Take heart and cherish the fond memories of your dad. Know that he is watching over you and our prayers are with you.

    Peace and love

  11. Shiroh says:

    Well what do i say. I did shed some tears. I hope God takes you through it. And i heard him Raila say that the coup was justified. I am really sorry for your loss. hugs gal.

    When you come please holla.

    love Shiroh

  12. Jo says:

    (((((((((farmgal))))))))) babe, keep the wonderful memories alive. Am sure if your Dad could see you now he would definateley be proud of you cos you turned out so well. Stay strong for your mum and your siblings just like you’ve always been. Most of all, I appreciate you as a genuine friend and I thank God for you daily. Keep your head up. Love ya!

  13. Kenyangay says:

    This has really moved me. Till today, that coup was somthing that ” just happened” and

  14. Kenyangay says:

    This has really moved me. Till today, that coup was something that ” just happened” and I have ignored it. To find that I ‘know’ someone it affected, brings it home to me.

    Peace Farmgal

  15. kahihu says:

    It’s indeed sad. Raila should for sure say sorry to the likes of farmgal. It must have been very sorowful.

    Cheer up. We begin a new month.

  16. The Tato says:

    i wonder if this song has any meanin to u
    mariah and babyface “i’ll never forget u”

    I’ll never forget u i’ll never let you out of my heart oh u will a;ways be here with me oh i’ll hold on to the memories…shuda said i loved u why didnt i just tell u …”

    ok i know its a love song but i usually find it so appropriate

    “oh someday i know you’ll be waiting somewhere in another time..but now ur gone…”

  17. Nakeel says:

    ((Farmgal)) Stay strong and keep his dreams burning in you sweetie..

  18. Sandman says:

    You are all any father could ever hope for – I’m sure he is very proud of you.

  19. Adrian says:

    may you and your family be strong enough to “cope” with this tragedy everyday. keep the positive memories of your dad.

  20. Poi says:

    Be encouraged M.

  21. BJ says:

    Farmgal, wow. I am moved beyond words. Took a lot of courage to come out and write this. Wish you strength and wish you well too…

    I now have a newly found respect for you too Farmgal… Be blessed…

  22. Gish says:

    Twas realy nice meeting you yesterday after reading this i understand your mission. In my prayers will you and your family be. Tws really nice and my utmost pleasure meeting you.

  23. Rabboni says:

    I have lost my loved ones too, but I cannot say i know how you feel, No,no other human does.

    Just wondered: Do you know Christ?
    The teacher said, “tears may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” and
    “those who sow in tears shall reap joy” and
    “Forget the former things, behold, i do a new thing” and
    “He is the defender of the fatherless”

    Ie. always look ahead. Live in the future. Remember the past, but move on quickly.
    But these words only mean something for those who know Christ, hence my question.

  24. Chrenyan says:

    My, so, so sorry. You poor thing! Stay saved, and you’ll all meet up again.

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