Going back

In a few days I will be back to the place I call home. Thing is I’m not  quiet ready to go back, its funny coz I’d thought a month would be too long! I have one of those tickects that can’t be changed.

I’m very sad right now! I want to come back home and settle here. There’s a lot of positive stuff and with brains and money, one can make it!

for now sob sob sob sob…..

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4 Responses to Going back

  1. acolyte says:

    I do hope you had fun, please post pics for those of us who will not be going back home soon!

  2. Gish says:

    You know you are always welcome back here huh! Take care

    wish we could send home to you.

  3. Nakeel says:

    Will always be waiting for you again and again with open arms. Safe journey gal.

  4. jamaapoa says:

    karibu tena na tena…

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