Back in same old England!

I think from the title you can tell am not entirely happy to be back. That one month I was in Kenya was a blast! I met alot of bloggers and dentist Nick removed one of my good teeth. Am still looking for compensation….anyone know a good lawyer? Daude el Rude help me out here!

All the nice bloggers that I kulad chama at buffet park with and other places, thank you very much!

I met someone very special too, you know yourself..I doubt you’ll read this but hey…thanks  a million for making the one month look like a few days.

I only have postive things to say about Kenya. In my previous visits, I have been very negative but this time round I’m asking guys to invest. The general feel of the country is good.

more later……

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15 Responses to Back in same old England!

  1. acolyte says:

    Good to hear that you had a great time!We are waiting for more on your adventures!

    hey aco will try and give more info with time at the mo am still using public internet, that makes it hard for me to blog.

  2. egm says:

    I felt the exact same way when I was home earlier this year. That there is a more positive feel that I can’t quite put my finger to, but one that makes you want to be there. It’s great you had a wonderful time.

    I see there’s someone who felt exactly as I did! I also can’t explain it but there is a good feeling at the moment

  3. Gish says:

    Good to know tat you are back safely. Ask Shiroh our very own resident lawyer lol and yes it was good meeting you and ahem…
    enjoy your stay

    Can’t believe I over-looked Shiro…I will be calling her soon! ahem to you too babe

  4. Shiroh says:

    Hey, it was good meeting you and giving us time for a blast and for the nyam chom . Enjoy your stay and come back soon.
    And can hire me. I would really love to get Nick’s ass.

    I see there’s no trouble finding someone to get him for me. Was nice meeting you gal!

  5. Devious One says:

    I know of a good-will-sue-Nick the dentist- to -the -last-penny-kinda lawyer…
    Nione kando !!
    Please make me a happy woman and tell me U koboad Wimpy and mutura while you were there !

    Woishe Devious I didnt comboa Wimpy and the mutura that I did, well let just say I spent a few good days on the toilet. Next time no mutura!
    Where that lawyer at so we can get good old Nick?

  6. Nakeel says:

    Hey gal am happy you enjoyed the stay here and anytime anyday I will escort you for the nyam chom.. Dont hate the place so much just take it easy and you will blend like before..

    Hey babe was nice meeting you! Am not hating the place, am loving it! Will do another nyam chom when I come over.

  7. Tato says:

    ha ha everyone hates Nick haki…rumor has it he has a post comin up about meetin u?
    na wewe shiroh na devious mwamtafutia nini? poor Nick
    It was lovely meeting u sweet thing…pleasure was all mine…and who needed that front tooth anyway i think the front gap brings out ur inner beauty and in abindance too

    Hate!!!!???? Nick sweetie its love…read between the lines!
    Am also waitng for that post my dear, I hope it will pay enough to compensate that tooth.

  8. Great meeting you. Blessings!

    Thanks for making time to meet up. Was really fun!

  9. akiey says:

    Welcome back & good you had a wonderful time back home. You know me and the whole idea or (re)investing in Kenya, I highly encourage it & am to work with whoever is interested. I got ideas, ideas, ideas & more ideas all I need is a handful committed folks to work with.
    Enjoy ur time back Farmgal!

    Thanks akiey! I cant quite say am glad or am enjoying being back..will try though. I’m all for people investing back home and especially in real estate.

  10. modoathii says:

    ah crap, i missed the meeting of the bloggers. and the nyam chom. si urudi tena?

    modoathi pole you missed that meet up. imagine it wasnt planned it just happened! Lakini si you gera up for the next one. its coming soon, very soon!

  11. Adrian says:

    i so feel you. worse than what you’re going through; go home for 2 (not 1) months and come back end of january in deep winter.

  12. Daud El Rude says:

    Wassup Farmgal!! Sue the fat dentist(AKA Nick)!!! I have a few lawywer names to suggest.Shiro would be a good start.Glad you had fun in Kenya.It was fun hanging out.

    Daud El Rude( The Net Watchman!)

  13. Mocha! says:

    Welcome back!

    Where are my mabuyus???

    Holla kando.

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