This morning I woke up to the most amazing sound of rain. We have a roof over our balcony and when it rains it almost sounds like am in the village at my cucu’s. Anyway I go take a shower and I can still hear the soft sound on the roof. Normally I hate the thought of walking in the rain and I even start asking God to stop the rain, so I can get wherever am going without any hussles. Today I didnt pray I just listened and enjoyed it all! As I walked out the door, I made sure my umbrella was ready but to my surprise there was not a drop of rain anywhere. It was such a beautiful morning and though it looked a bit grey, it still was beautiful.  I still could here the sound of rain though. Its then I discovered that it was all in my head. Funny thing is that as I walked into town, a drizzle appeared from nowhere. I didnt bother opening my umbrella, I just let it fall on my face. Beautiful feeling that was. I think it was all connected to a beautiful dream I had in the night!

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5 Responses to Rain

  1. makanga says:

    Sometimes soft rain is pure crack.

  2. Adrian says:

    nothing tops rain in shags. not only the sound on the roof, but also that scent of dust on tarmac combined with the rain. and the mud is also sometimes special.

  3. modoathii says:

    it’s nice at times to let the rain chapa you a bit. i think i’m among the few guys who kinda celebrates when it rains. i enjoy singing in the rain. it’s the nasty stares that i don’t quite enjoy. and the pita pata on the mabati roofs…oh, sweet dreams!

  4. SisBigBones says:

    At least someone still enjoys the sound of rain. Personally, I do not particularly love rain, it makes me feel blue inside. Although there is something romantic about sitting in a coffeeshop with a good friend and enjoying a hot cup of coffee while the rain pounds away on the outside

  5. KymmBr says:

    for me… Night time+ Rain= missing work the nxt day.
    I just sleep thru the whole episode. Isn’t rain just wonderful??

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