KBW Christmas Bash anyone

Can we plot a christmas bash in Nairobi people? Like sometime mid dec

If you are game come up with venue then we can work out the food and drinks!

Can we also have like people dressing up in father christmas hats etc etc anything red I mean!

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12 Responses to KBW Christmas Bash anyone

  1. kipepeo says:

    cool bananas!!! good idea!!!

  2. bomseh says:

    sounds liek a good idea but i think most of the KBW members are out of the country. if you could come up with somethin online it would be nice. like suggesting to the admin to organise for a chat room just for the festive season or something where we can all meet online and make merry.

  3. bomseh says:

    by the way your font is too small i can’t even read what i’m writing. i’m just depending on my key board skills. do something.

  4. egm says:

    Sounds great. I’ll be there ready and willing. All I need is a red hat.

  5. Gish says:

    You know Gish=party. Am in hola.

  6. Nakeel says:

    Taking my position. Am in.

  7. jadekitten says:

    Definitely game……

  8. Will be out of circulation. All the best, though.

  9. BJ says:

    I will bring the MURAT!!! Who’s down????

    Pick a venue & see you then folks…

  10. Magaidi says:

    I won’t be game for geographical reasons but can I send representatives? Oowi- I can’t believe I’m missing out on MURATS!!..

  11. aegeus says:

    What happened to that party? Am in 3 months later! Heh heh!

  12. Klara says:

    Happy New year greetings

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