It’s said the people you love, hurt you the most.
Sometimes though without their knowledge.

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6 Responses to Hurt

  1. bantutu says:

    Oooooooh! ((Huggzzzilla has been unleashed on you, Come here…))..So it helps to talk…who’s “the people”…

    dank You very very mucho. Gracias

  2. Komi says:

    True, but when you know they love you and that they did not intend to hurt, then it becomes easy to forgive. I echo bantutu…it helps to talk.

    It sure does to talk. I read somewhere that ‘unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping that the other person dies’ or something like tha’

  3. aegeus says:

    (((((((((farmgal))))))) it is their proximity to your heart that even an accidental slip up tears you up from inside.

    Now with all this hugs how’s a gal not to feel better, eh?

  4. kipepeo says:

    i second aegus, I guess ur more vulnerable with them….but tiramisu on me…. tiramisu makes u feel better if only for a little while…trust me I know!

    I have to try this tiramisu remedy. This’s not the first time am reading about it on kbw. Shall we say you owe me then?

  5. kipepeo says:

    oh most def….I’ll even make one for you!! the tiramisu came from my undying love affair with the stuff!!

  6. Lioness says:

    True that! Kikulacho kinguoni mwako, they say

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