Night out in Cheltenham

Mmmmh went out last night to celebrate my mate’s engagement. Today I woke up feeling like I had run over a truck and survived! Woi all of me hurts! I think its the age and the high heels. I try to keep off them heels but I cant go out in low heels.

Anyway, I managed to get hit on by some two chicas..honestly I didnt know whether to laugh or …what ‘scratching head’..I dont know. It was bizarre goodnessmwa!

Anywho my buddy gets married in the summer, we hoping to have a blast! She’s all blinged up, her ring is beautiful!

O then this guy who we were with (he’s my buddy’s husband,another buddy) got hit-on by a guy. What a night!

Hoping y’all ‘ad a fab weekend.

Congrats Mary and Munene!

@Unyc happy belated B’day I was going to say alot on your blog but I cant comment on there.

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9 Responses to Night out in Cheltenham

  1. egm says:

    Kwani y’all went to what kind of place to celebrate? 🙂

    Everyone’s getting married now. Just two weeks ago a friend proposed, their wedding coming up this autumn.

    Congrats to your mates…and we went a posh-ish place. I am not sure wha was happening though. Must have been something in the drinks!

  2. Princess says:

    Like egm said, people are getting married like crazy right now!! Every time I turn around these days someone is getting hitched!!

    You will tell us if someone does propose to you wont ya? Am just being cheeky, dont mind me.

  3. kipepeo says:

    totally agree! what is with this whole wedding thing? Good you had a blast. getting hit on by girls always makes me laugh.

    Have you had one hit-on ya gal…Its hilarious and almost unbelievable!

  4. Mocha! says:

    Congrats to your pal.

    As for Rugby, London will be the last weekend in May and Scotland will be the following weekend.

    Check for more details.

    Will I get a chance to meet you this year?

    Oh yes gal, si you will be the girl with a camera or cameraz is it? We coming down a big group from Gloucester..cant wait!

  5. Mocha! says:

    Here is the schedule:

    I am going for both.

    With God’s grace….lazima nijienjoy. Huku si kwetu!

    Thanks by the way…I could not find tha info anywhere. see you in May

  6. Jo says:

    Hey, was in Cheltenham that night, didnt see you where you said you would be. We had a blast though! Good to hear you had fun> and yes, this summer nothing’s gonna stop me going to the Sevens weekend!

    Hey my bestfriend …this summer you wil have to kick flu in the back side kabisa. M4 mpaka London, jokes aside.
    Pole about friday by the way, we changed venues last minutes and we’d all left our phones at home. Glad you understand and am sure you really did jienjoyi all the same.

  7. Komi says:

    Getting hit on by a girl sounds funny though I never want to experience it. I have a male pal who got hit on by a dude and he wanted to die/cry of anger. Weddings weddings…I love them n’ there’ll be many this year. Best wishes to Mary and Munene.

    Mmmmh when you say there will be many, is komi saying I do anytime this year? Just checking…

  8. aegeus says:

    Now which joints are these you frequent and end up being asked to bat for the other team? Hmmm? Tihiiiii!

  9. Conso says:

    just stumbled on your blog. just curious, could this buddy of yours be mary macharia who went to stato gals in high school. your pics of rudge really look like her (the first one) and i just wondered. if she be the one, she was my roomie in mono year. you can tell her to holla if she be the one. thanks

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