Chelsea Rocks …Carling Cup

My team won…Ok we arent at the top of the table in the premiership but we’ll catch up, you’ll see!


For now …..One down

Drogba man of the match!

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8 Responses to Chelsea Rocks …Carling Cup

  1. bantuTU says:


    Obviously we dont support the same team!

  2. Adrian says:

    come on, arsenal played the young guns and they almost beat your first-team….

    The key here is almost..bu’ we know tha’ didnt it eh?

  3. Klara says:

    U r right! Drogba is goood!!

    And he is the African footballer of the year too!

  4. Kirima says:

    Chelsea is a very good team!
    That is why they deserve to be number 2 in the league!

    very funny kirima…

  5. mwangi says:

    Man United juu juu zaidi !!

    Nimesema mara nyingi, gatika maradio, gatika makaseti, Garling Gup ni RECREATIONAL TOURNAMENT …

    UNITED tunataga:

    1] Premier League [igo gwa mufuko tayari]
    2]FA Cup
    3]Champions League

    Haya basi tuonane May … tutatofautisha vijana kwa wazee … 🙂

    Sawa Mwangi lakini cup ni cup….tutaongea end of season thas if you will be kijana ama mzee.

    thx for dropping by

  6. mwangi says:

    Most welcome. I’ll hakikisha I’ll be a regular over here …

  7. aegeus says:


  8. sushant vasishta says:

    chelsea is the best and will remain so for the rest of life.. atleast better than man united who are full of gays….

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