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I work with this 19yrs old whom we shall call L for good reasons. Right now I wish I was a good story teller, will try tell this one though. So its friday and the usual english-man thing of asking … Continue reading

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This is fifi she sleeps in my bed every nite but ends up on the floor somehow! Aint she cute and cuddly? Its been a fab week in the ring, what with all the sheng we have read and the … Continue reading

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Kuna watu Na Kuna Viatu!

Saa skizeni apa…hiii post yangu hata sitaduu word count na sheng yangu pia itakua ile old skul kaa sijui nini. Yaani ii post imedu ni sweat lakini lazima ni try kubeat wa-shii na wa-hii wengine. Sa mnajua mi nilikua nimeenda … Continue reading

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At times only God can help!

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