At times only God can help!


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19 Responses to At times only God can help!

  1. mwangi says:

    LOL !!

    Manze hapa …. you are putting God in a real dilemna. I know he can do everything lakini this might be asking him 4 2 much …

    Mwangi I think God would do alright in every situation..including this one

  2. aegeus says:

    Aiyayayayayayay! huyo msee maze…sasa niseme? ROTFL!

    I see your sheng is getting better everyday! Taking classes are we?

  3. chatterly says:

    LOL! hope that mutu has said his last prayers 🙂

    Chatterly I sure hope so too kwaja frantic ones

  4. Kirima says:

    Next time I go to Carnivore I will empathise with my dinner!

    Do they still serve croco meat there…lakini if a croc has eaten humans how do I eat it…. ewwwwww just a thought!

  5. 3N says:

    ROFL…this is when you start reminding God of the good deeds you have done for humanity.

    Whaa if they are few…and your brain shuts down? lol

  6. Princess says:

    Looks like a pretty hopeless situation!!!

    The only thing I could think of was what if the jamaa gets really entangled in the chute..ok lakini then he would drown1

  7. mamashady says:

    too funny!i bet he’s wearing armour!you know like those vibes that some of those shark filmers wear, or maybe all of those alligators just had brunch ad are not that hungry…there must be hope people!

    Trying to think that they arent that hungry would be….ok I dont know lakini they sure do look like they cant wait!

  8. mwangi says:

    Mamashady: the only hope is if my guy lands “shallow end” so he can outrun those buggers …otherwise he’ll have 2 do a Jesus and walk on h20 …

    Interesting I must say but he has to shake the chute off first ama?

  9. Spyce says:

    This is time to pray for wind..or really powerful lungs…or wings…ai!

  10. Adrian says:

    maybe his time on earth is up and he now gets to go to a much better place?

  11. mamashady says:

    mwangi: those crocos are manning shallow end! best bet is for a strong wind that would carry that dude over the crocos to the dry land just behind them where he will ran…like a man being chased by crocodiles?

  12. Komi says:

    There must be some crocos in the water as well so it doesn’t matter where he lands. I would hate to be in his position.

  13. bantutu says:

    Ulalalalal!! Ai!! Nimecheka!! Kitoweo toka mbinguni!! Hihihi!! Jamaa amejikaranga…Ama amekarangwa…Waaah!!

  14. Magaidi says:

    At that point, you revisit the serious discussion you had on what parts of your body are absolutely essential, it’s a guarantee you won’t save them all but it’s all up to you. On the flip side thank God it’s a sunny day, otherwise the Crocos would all have been in the water huh?

  15. bantutu says:

    I saw this and esKploded…Jamaa amekarangwa!! Hiihi!! Alafu there’s one alreadi in the running for the mchuzi from up above…

  16. prousette says:

    I remember from somewhere that crocs hide underwater when they want to catch prey so maybe, just maybe our friend here is not too endangered, but he surely must be saying some serious prayers all the same.

  17. Unyc says:

    Lol….Lunch is getting served.

  18. Archer says:

    Auuuuuuuiiiiiiiii!!!!! What could be better? An afternoon swim followed by a polite nap in the sun, then lunch just drops from the sky?

    Kusema kweli, this dude had better hope that he lands inside the jaws of the biggest croc……..and hope that it has a toothache!

  19. glo says:

    Lunch is served with a chute topping!!!

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