I work with this 19yrs old whom we shall call L for good reasons. Right now I wish I was a good story teller, will try tell this one though.

So its friday and the usual english-man thing of asking what one is doing on tha weekend is on!

L: can you guys tell me where I can buy really nice flowers for my missus…

Girl1: try tha lady at tha cross in Gloucester town.

Girl2: yeah tha should be tha best flourist in town

Girl3: eeeehhh you’r not straight?

L: No am a lesbian, here let me show you my missus (proceeds to scroll through her phone for a pics)

Girl3: How old is your galfriend and how old are you?

L: She’s thirty and am just going 19. she has two kids from previous marriage and (scrolls phone for kids pics) tha girl is 13 and tha boy is 11.

Girl3: Oh ok

L: Am a romantic! I’m planning on buying her flowers then will sneak into her house and light candles bla bla bla bla…

Girl1/2/3: (ask a series of questions)

L: If you ever sleep witha woman you will never want to be with a man (and explains why..)

I personally found this very disturbing..why would a 19yr old be dating a 30yr old? Secondly..tha was my first encounter with a Lesbian who tried really hard to make us (me) see her ‘light’ I was very mmmh I actually felt disgusted!

This young girl takes tha drug ‘speed’ and she drink more than three kenyan wazees in one night!
I honestly was lost for words, probably will talk to her sometime. for now I will do what I can do..Pray!

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23 Responses to L

  1. Bomseh says:

    L is headed for Hell.
    So is she the he in that relationship or the she considering that she is only 19? Wonders never cease.
    Down here I have seen men with boobs walking hand in hand with men without boobs and kissing at the bus stop (a crowded bus stop, full of normal people). Ndio maana najivunia kuwa mkenya. We don’t take such crap especially in public.

    I’m ready for bashing that may come my way but even if I lived to be 700years, I’ll never accept gay relationships and will always talk ill of them. SHINDWE!

    Its good to have a stand on issues!

  2. acolyte says:

    Well it is an accepted thing in gay relationships to have a large age gap. Gay/Lesbian relationships dont have the same taboos as straight relationships do. So for her there is no biggie, but she does have issues ie the drug use to deal with.

    She has issues that need sorting. She’s got a little bit more growing up to do.

  3. mamashady says:

    alala!yani i also met a coold dud today at a play and he was busy catcalling the lead jamaa.at first i was like ala!anyway, i was at a loss!it still shocks me!@bomseh: and the guys ‘partner’ (i dont like that word) is from SA!heh. hes also like 20. personally, im not even sure what God wants me to say sometimes as its so accepted!sigh…mad maombi

    The world needs mad maombi …soon we’ll have the bible re-written to accomodate all sorts of things!

  4. I like the way you put it — ‘See the light.’ Did you… er… see the light m’lady?

    whis you’ll get whats coming to you..run bratha run! Uko tu?

  5. alexcia says:

    Sounds like she was asking to be told ukweli wa mungu if you ask me!

    she is serioulsy lacking mother figure like attention—-and she is looking wherever it may found

    and that mathe is exploting the poor girl! If you saw her, she looks a proper mum and the girl…very tiny. It almost like a mother daughter thing…arrrghh

  6. Kirima says:

    Too wierd! I have never come across a real life Lesbo, but then perhaps I don’t know how to tell them apart from the other regular (or is it normal!) people.

    mmmh you dont have a gay radar? neither do I! In most cases you can tell. Over here they tend to cut their hair short and the way the dress is different. Am sure they have their own way of telling..

  7. Unyc says:

    Thats their life and i dont give 2 hoots about!! If they get pleasure out of sme1 from the same sex shauri yao….lakini ur pal 19yrs dating a 30yr old…wah!
    Reminds of sato at K2 when this chic started hitting on one of my gal pals. Chic came where were dancing n joined in. All along am thinkin wanajuana. Then she left n my gal pal ananishow the chic is hittin on her. Cant remember the last tyme i laughed that much….then the les came back n insisted to buy a drink for my pal…my pal is just 2 embarrased she runs n joins sme others friends who were there. It ws a hide n seek game after that…lol.
    Personally being hit on twice….the thot gvs me shivers…..

    thats a nightmare..uuui imagine hiding from a woman! ok u dont have to imagine coz you were there. but eishh

  8. Adrian says:

    the lesbian na age gap sawa, but that the older one is a mother and is dating someone so young…

  9. egm says:

    As you write in response to mamashady, tis true, either the bibilia will be re-written, or people will just ignore it all together. Even after being here many years, I still see the whole gay/lesbian thing as very, very, very unnatural and an aberration of nature.

  10. Stephen Bess says:

    Prayer is always a good thing before we speak. I can’t say I always do. 🙂
    I haven’t seen you around in a while. Great to see you.

  11. aegeus says:

    Most disturbing. It definitely is exploitation of the young one since she is still in her formative years so to speak. the gall of some people, why not look for someone her own age ama walichanuka and cleaned up their acts? I think she was calling for help, you know when to step in dear, you are good at counseling. 🙂

  12. chatterly says:

    Aiii huyo mama wa 30 awache kumanga ndogondogo 🙂 and why is that young thing trying sooo hard to convince pple of the goodness of “it”???? LOL!!!!

  13. Klara says:

    That’s disturbin! Ati ako 19 na huyo *manzi* yake 30! aiii I guess in those kind of arrangements age really doenst matter!

  14. 3N says:

    Farm gal, you should be very careful coz she probably wouldn’t mind recruiting you into their lesbian thingies.

    Either way as Bomseh said this 19yr old is headed straight to hell. As much as gay / lesbians deserve their rights; those rights should be limited to only be carried out in the privacy of their homes.

    In fact I am willing to give up my right to hold / kiss a chile in public if it guarantees that I will never see two dudes holding hands or kissing in the mall.

  15. mwangi says:

    I really dunno why people are shocked. I like LESBIANS.

  16. mamashady says:

    aki mwangi…ive chekad lakini, shindwe!;)

  17. Sue says:

    Lesbians are all over, I stopped getting astounded by them. But those ones, mI think the age difference is too big…
    @ Mwangi 😀 Now you… you’re a nut case

  18. mwangi says:

    “If you ever sleep witha woman you will never want to be with a woman (and explains why..) ”

    That was supposed to be you’ll neva want to be with a man, right?

    But am curious, what was the explanation … ama the details are rated R?

    thanks cheeky…am bila details but am sure they are R rated as you say.

  19. Milo says:

    Can Milo have them both? LOL

  20. udi says:

    I am on the same train thought as Milo.

  21. Gish says:

    I LOVE MEN there is no way i can trade them fr another woman and no i do not want to try. I think as much as we pray for her maybe she just needs someone to talk to her without judging her more like a gentle nudge in the right direction. Good to be back

  22. Princess says:

    Different strokes for different folks..as long as they don’t hit on me!! @Mwangi, Milo and Udi..y’all are hilarious!!!

  23. prou says:

    I was going to make a very serious comment on this till I saw milo and mwangi. LOL
    Enyewe my policy is live and let live , just do not try and convert me to your way.

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