What on EARTH is going on?

Since I be too lazy to write anything..indulge in the article below.
What is happening. Of late we have seen amazing births taking place. A five-legged calf, the two-faced pigs, the four-legged ducks, the two-headed cows and six-legged cows and the six-legged pigs. Staff at Jiangsu Sanyuan Shuangbao Dairy & Food Co. Ltd in China have greeted their latest arrival – a calf with a spare leg growing out of its back. The dairy workers insist they’ve never seen anything like it before, and are tentative about the thought of milking it when it grows older. The cow was revealed the day after an environmental agency announced that frogs with extra legs have turned up in a British river. The frogs, which have five legs, were found by a member of the public in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire – the first time that frogs with this deformity have been found in the UK. And the spare-limbed amphibians weren’t the first animals with a few too many body parts to have come to light in recent months.
The frogs themselves followed on from Stumpy, the four-legged duck who was born in the New Forest in February, and was paraded in front of the media on Tuesday this week. And the day before that, a piglet with six legs was revealed in Lianyungang, China. That pig was just the latest in a glut of bizarre pigs to have come out of China this year, following not one, but two pigs born there with two faces. (One, born in Quanzhou in January, had four eyes, the other, born in Shannxi province in March, had three.) It is, of course, the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, meaning that unusual pigs are being given special attention. And on the two-headed-animal front, a two-faced cow called Star was born in Virginia, USA in December last year. Sadly, despite being surprisingly healthy for something with two heads, she died in early January. Not that Star was the only unusual cow to be born in the past few months – in Villa Vieja, Colombia, a calf was born in January that featured an impressive count of six legs, two vaginas and six nipples spread across two udders

From http://www.misterseed.com

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16 Responses to What on EARTH is going on?

  1. bomseh says:

    Wonders never cease. I thought 3N was joking when he talked about two vaginas but heheehee maybe soon….

  2. egm says:

    Haha, 3N’s dislike of folks with IT factor might soon become discrimination, seeing that soon women with two vaginas might be the norm!

    That’s strange indeed. Freaks of nature!

  3. mwangi says:

    Thought I was fao!!

  4. mwangi says:

    Personally I think these are coincidental freaks of nature … Hope am right or we are in 4 a rude shock …

  5. nguginick says:

    egm & bomseh, yani my fear of a bi-vaginal woman is near reality. for all men out here, I hope this is just a freak of nature…it is already stressful as it is.

  6. aegeus says:

    Wawawaaaa! The wonders! What next?

  7. mamashady says:

    hahaha, those are funny!but the grey pigs look like hippos!i think its the food, we must be eating dodgy stuff!

  8. 3N says:

    ma-shady, I agree its eating too much chemicals in food. hope this phenomenon stays with the animals.

  9. Kirima says:

    Weird stuff indeed, What i need is a 4 legged chicken, that will end the fight for drumsticks at our dinner table. I guess only the french will appreciate a 5 legged frog though!

  10. Jermaine says:

    Ati two Vaginas??.. That is stranger than strange. I wonder what’s next here. Am even scared now. I also agree with 3N and mamashady on the fact that most of the chemicals we take may lead to this.. Really nice place you got here though

  11. Klara says:

    Jeez! That’s scary Now! Those Frogs?? Aish..This has to stop!!

  12. Komi says:

    Scary alright. I pray that mwangi is right on them being coincidental freaks of nature.

  13. chatterly says:

    Gosh thats weird mbaya sana 😦

  14. bantutu says:

    That Columbia cow is “OLELELE!!” And yeah the year of the cow must have some part in the Chinese bit…
    Anybody blivs in astrology? Well me does and the way they bin lining up….no wonder!!
    ….*whipering* ITS ALL IN THE STARSSSssss*

  15. Unyc says:

    Wonders will never cease!
    I blame it on experiments gone wrong, GMO’s…unhealthy foods full of chemicals…

    I wonder what is next that will shock the world and please the scientists..

  16. Phassie says:


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