Aki Odieroz

An odiero I work with asked me the other day, if I can read and write in English!

Honestly….how else am I surviving at work…fokojembe yeye!

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21 Responses to Aki Odieroz

  1. mwangi says:

    Wat did u tell ’em? That deserves a mouthful …

    fortunate or unfortunately am slow to act..hatherwise!

  2. 3N says:


    anyway thats a ridicoulous question. you should have sent the fokojembe an email and explained that ‘No, I can’t read or write, for that matter’

    Nysss I should try that!

  3. mamashady says:

    fokojembe yeye!and hes not the only one!

    There’s many more where tha one came from!

  4. chatterly says:

    those are the questions that i usually answer with a roll of the eyes. plain ignorant fokojembez

    and a blank look to boot!

  5. aegeus says:

    Yu tell them no i do not, then you start gassing yourself and them in swa. I would be so insulted! I hope you are all right though. 🙂

    I was too shocked to be insulted..but now I am!

  6. Farmgal says:

    imagine he aksed while i was online…kwani he thinks I was surfing kiuk sites?

  7. egm says:

    Clearly the computer you are using must have an instant English to Kikuyu translator! I mean, can’t you see how obvious that is? Enyewe, that jamaa has just shown how fogotheray his brain is.

    aki now I want to say something back…lol its been long since I heard anyone use fogotheray!

  8. Sue says:

    Tell him you only understand Arabic. What the hell was that?? 😦

    sue babe hata mimi sijui!

  9. acolyte says:

    I dont tolerate such stupidity, good thing you have a heart of gold. I would have dealt with him seriously!

    awww thanks…If I wasnt slow to act..I can only thank the Lord!

  10. Kirima says:

    Forkjembe again and again, Just because the odiero speaks good english does not mean he is well educated it’s just his mothertounge.

    I need a maina kageni ‘forko jebe’ moment here

  11. Gish says:

    I hope you replied in Kyuk like ” we niwuiguaga wega mutwe”.

    gish babe that would have worked like magic! 🙂

  12. Bomseh says:

    LOL @ Gish- or something like “kai ni uhuthagira daawa?”

    Yaani that Odiero was asking in a roundabout way whether ur (il)literate?

    I wud just say no and proceed with what I’m doing because further conversation along those lines can really bruise my ego.

  13. inexes says:


    detour: 1>Is there a competition on who comments first? fill me in
    2>Farm gal – today that team of pensioners (chelsea) is going to be wired……..

    detour 1 Its not a compe just abit of this and that!

  14. Klara says:

    That’s being so Ingorant!

  15. Half 'n' Half says:

    Pepo mbaya!

    cant agree more!

  16. Farmgal says:

    @Bomseh when u put it like that i feel hurt.. I really do 😦

    @inexes call my team pensioners again and you’re done! karibu blog 🙂

    @klara I know babe

  17. Phassie says:

    That is just retardation on other degree. Sometimes, you just look at someone with a clueless thought. It actually leaves one speechless.

    FookoJembe yeye!

  18. alexcia says:

    You should ask him if HE understands

    re-Dandas-ies, reminds of high school
    Did you understand me?No i did not!
    pinch! Auch! Did it hurt?
    Do you hear me at the back? No we don’t!
    Stop staring at me! But how did you know if I was staring if you weren’t staring yourself?
    You stupid child, how many times do i have to call you? apparently the six times is not enough for you to realise i was ignoring you! so who is stupid

    How is he to know you are surfing an english page if he “doesn’t” sic understand it himself

  19. Hottathanpeppa says:

    ???????????????????? thats what you should have sent him!!

  20. Hottathanpeppa says:

    @Farmgal, you should have asked him for the translation of what he had just asked you….

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