I’m Soray

Dear KBW member
I’m sorry…

I’ll tell you!

If you feel that I have been ignoring you
Farmgal says she’s sorry..
If I have at anytime forgotten to comment
on your blog
I’m sorry.
Those that I used to be tight with
but no more
I’m sorry
I’m really really sorry!

Those that think I fancy them
eehh am sorry
Those that I think I fancy
ummm am soray 🙂

Those that don’t get my jokes
am sorry
Those that hate my blog
ummm am soray

I’m just saying if at any one time I have offended you, by commenting or not commenting on your blog, Or in any other way..
I’m really really sorry!

I know its only blogging but yeah
am Soray!


If you’re going to run a marathon
and want to cross the finish line


I cant stand bad breath
Remedy ..Floss at least once a day
and use a very strong mouth wash at least twice a day

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9 Responses to I’m Soray

  1. Kirima says:

    Don’t be Sorry its only blogging
    Wow! didn’t know you were a poet as well, quite good actually
    Am I the First wow! feels odd.

    awww thanks Kirima…am glad you liked.

  2. mwangi says:


    Very interesting indeed. I had some misgivings and suspicions about you but since you are sorry, i guess we r now cool …

    Are you sorry that your suspicions were unfounded?

  3. aegeus says:

    Hello Sista Shake! Wassup! 🙂

    fiti methu …

  4. Klara says:

    Wow! I guess I have haters too but it’s only bloggin who cares an am also sorry! Loved this post sana..

    awww thanks galfie

  5. bantutu says:

    I wish there was an audio…hehehehe!!! Quite tight poem…Hearty too….Top 5 bado walai si tuta fika..Hihihihi!!

    audio? ummmm …thanks bants

  6. Bomseh says:

    You are forgiven!

    thanks Bomseh

  7. Princess says:


    glad you liked!

  8. Mocha! says:

    Rugby niaje? Will I see you huko ama? Na Scotland…unatokea those sides?

    p.s. you can delete after reading!

  9. Archer says:

    Just beautiful!! Ata me naitaka in Audio! Don’t worry luv, sometimes we all don’t get ebough time to read theough all our favourite blogs and leave comments.

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